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Who doesn’t love to explore the deep blue sea? Are you loving the centers in your K-2 classroom and looking for a fun, ocean theme? Of course you are! The end of the year is near and low prep, fun, engaging centers are the perfect learning tool to enhance student learning now! Ocean Theme Day Centers are ready; just print and go! Grab the pack with 10 exciting activities and motivate the kiddos even more with a cool center challenge! This activity is also great for morning work or early finishers too. It even includes coloring pages, a word search, and a headband template! Get your Ocean Theme Centers here today!

Ocean Theme Day Station #1

Looking for a little more detail? Take a closer look! The first station we’ll look at is Ocean Mystery! Kids love to color, love puzzles, and love a good challenge. Ocean Mystery has students searching for numbers, coloring by number, and revealing a mystery picture at the end! Numbers 1-100 are reviewed and students won’t even realize they are learning while solving the mystery! Who will be the first to get it right?

Station #2

Ocean Day Squiggle and Write is another station! These are one of my favorites to watch! Students are so creative. In this station, students take a picture of a fish and squiggle it into something new! Let’s see that creativity. On the back, kids will write about their new drawing. How fun

Station #3

Read and Doodle is next! These are so cool. Students will read a short, silly story and then doodle a picture that matches the story. Combining a little bit of reading with a little bit of doodling is sure to p

 Station #4

Ocean Graphing brings a little math into the stations and works on the very important skill of graphing! Students work on tallying and creating a bar graph with a fun ocean twist.

Station #5

Ocean Riddle Hunt is the next station. Bring on the critical thinking with these riddles! Kids will read a short riddle, identify the ocean themed item or animal, and color it the correct color. Students will have a blast figuring out the riddles and applying their thinking skills too!

 Station #6

Place Value Jellyfish is such a great way to review place value in a really exciting activity. The goal is to choose a number and represent it in tens and ones on a jellyfish! The tentacles will be the tens and the ones will be on the body. Students can choose their own number and represent it visually. Everything is ready to print and go, and this is such a fun activity and would look great on a bulletin board too!

Station #7

Ocean Build station works on those shapes. Students will use shape blocks to build the ocean creature. Then they can write all about which shapes they used and write about how many of each, ensuring identification of each shape! What a great review!

 Station #8

Ocean Writing incorporates an adorable journal prompt for students and of course it is ocean themed! Get those writing juices flowing in this station and have a little fun too!

Station #9

Ocean Day Draw is wonderful for our artistic students. Take a shark or a fish and learn how to draw it step by step! Our little budding artists are going to have a ball with this station. 

 Station #10

Ocean Day STEAM takes on the challenge of thinking outside the box and challenges students to solve a problem, ocean related of course, and present the solution for all of their classmates to see! No prep and ready to use!

Even more: there are coloring pages, a word search, a mini book to keep track of their stations, especially if it goes for multiple days, and a headband template that simply uses a sentence strip! Of course there are also station signs for each station for easy set up too! 


Grab the ocean stations here!



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