school day counting shows 180 chart for kids to color in each day

Not only is this 180 chart great for a school countdown activity but you can easily use this 180 day chart for reading, writing, and practicing any skill. These charts are a great way to externally motivate your students.

Download these 180 charts here!

How to Use this 180 Chart

To use this eye catching chart just print and decide how you will use it. For example, this makes a great school countdown activity to keep track of the number of school days all year long. Also, the chart is great to motivate your students to read 180 days or even 180 minutes. This can also apply to practicing math facts, time they spend writing, and more.

This pack has 11 choices of 180 charts to pick from ranging from bright colors to black and white charts. Easily use these to not only count down the number of school days but also use this to teach primary students counting skills too. Easily use this pack as a poster by printing it out in poster mode after you download the pdf. Start using this chart today with your students. Download it here!