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Literacy is so important in our classrooms. Reading, writing, and critical thinking are truly the ways we communicate and share thoughts and feelings. Literacy rates are even linked to higher self-esteem! We have to embrace literacy and encourage our students to see themselves as readers and writers in our classrooms. What better way to show off literacy skills than with bulletin boards? Use all of these literacy bulletin board ideas to increase literacy in your classroom!

5 Literacy Bulletin Board Ideas For Your Classroom

Bun-derful Burgers!

This one is so good. Not only is it a literacy bulletin board, but it is adorable, engaging, and shows off our students’ writing skills! Let’s talk about the details. The students will be designing their own burgers! Now we aren’t talking just the traditional. Kids can add whatever they want to make it the best burger ever. Maybe the burger is made of chocolate, and the bun is marshmallows. Could it have cheese made out of rainbows or sprinkles instead of seeds? The students are just going to have a blast designing their burgers! Then watch them stretch those opinion writing literacy skills by writing their reasons to explain why their burger is the best! The students put together their burger craft, and voila, you have a super fun, engaging literacy bulletin board in the making! Grab it here.

Class Family!

This is the perfect literacy bulletin board and is a book companion! Use it at the beginning of the year or anytime you really need to bring the kiddos together! Students will love reading the book, Our Class is a Family by Shannon Olsen. It is the perfect opportunity to engage with a read-aloud to build community, friendship, and even a growth mindset. Students will write about how their classroom is a family and create their very own house craft to go with it! There are so many options with this one. This will be a great addition to your literacy bulletin boards! You have to check it out here!

Merry and Bright!

Here’s another really amazing literacy bulletin board idea. This bulletin board is bright, colorful, a little prep, and perfect for showing off those amazing writing skills. Students are going to be so proud to see their writing up on the board for all to see! The lightbulbs are the perfect craft and can be used all winter! Students are really going to be critical thinkers when they use their thinking skills to write about how they can continue to be merry and bright in the classroom and show kindness and love to one another during the holiday season. Get this one and save it for later here!

Read Across America!

During the month for Read Across America, literacy is put at the forefront in schools. Kids are engaged in reading with a purpose! This bulletin board idea is perfect for celebrating literacy and can be paired with Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. Students are going to have a blast coming up with a new silly food combination. Students will get to be silly and creative and really put that outside-of-the-box thinking to use! The activity encourages students to become chefs creating menus and designing new food! Celebrating literacy with this bulletin board is such a fun idea! Share the students’ creativity and celebrate literacy too! Grab it here!



Yup, that’s right, alligators. This bulletin board is so much fun. It is perfect for any time during the year and celebrates literacy! Kids will stretch those brain muscles when they think about advice for NOT bringing an alligator to school! This perfectly pairs with a great read-aloud, If You Want to Bring an Alligator to School, DON’T by Elise Parsley. Even better, this is excellent for grades K-3 and can be cross-curricular and lends itself to reading about alligators or learning about alligators in science or social studies too! This is, for sure, a must-have! Grab this must-have here!

Developing literacy skills is of utmost importance to our youngest students. Building their self-confidence in reading and writing is critical to literacy growth. When little minds see their literacy strengths on a bulletin board, it is so incredibly rewarding and empowering for our little literacy makers. Make sure to grab one or all of these literacy bulletin board ideas to use all year long!