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It’s snowing! Now are you looking for some winter activities for the kids in the snow? Well, you have come to the right place! Kids just love snow. Sledding, snowmen, snow ball fights, and so much more are such exciting times for children! But what else? Of course there are a bunch more activities for children to do in the snow! When the allure of sledding has the kids ready to move on, take a look at some of these wonderful winter activities for kids in the snow!

2 girls playing in the snow

Paint the Snow!

Kids love to paint! Why not paint the snow! This is such an easy activity and kids will have such a blast doing it. Even better, there won’t be an inside clean up, unless of course you bring the snow inside, which can easily be done too. For outside, get a spray bottle, add some water and food coloring and boom! Easy painting! Of course getting paint brushes would work too. If you want to bring it in, use a plastic bin and do the same mixture.

Snow Sensory Bin!

Some of our little ones just don’t handle the cold well, so bring some snow inside and create your very own sensory bin! Get a clear plastic container, fill it with some snow and the rest is really up to you! Add little toys you have at home, a shovel or a spoon, add little bells, or Legos. Little People toys make great toys for a sensory bin. Looking to spend a few dollars, visit your local dollar store and see what trinkets you can find to throw in the bin. Let creativity run wild and save your toes from freezing! Hands-on learning is some of the best learning any kid could get! 

Mr. Potato Head Snow people!

Another really fun, but easy activity for the kids to do in the snow is taking Mr. Potato Head accessories outside! Start building snow potatoes! This one is so simple, yet so much fun! Imagine your snow potato family and the selfies the kids can take with them!

Olympic Games!

A little competition can go a long way! Get the whole family involved and create the winter Olympic Snow Games! Who is going to win gold in the fastest sled race? How about the biggest snowball? Who can throw or roll the snowball the furthest? If you are interested in putting some planning into the games, create an obstacle course or dig out a maze for an extra challenge!

bubble being frozen

Blow Bubbles

Bubbles aren’t just for summertime! Blow some bubbles in the snow and the best part, they won’t pop! For this activity the weather needs to be pretty cold, below 32 degrees, but with snow comes the cold. Use old fashioned bubbles and make a science experiment out of it while the kids watch the bubbles freeze over and shatter instead of pop. Make it a game and see who’s bubble can last the longest, or who can make the biggest bubble. Maybe even add this activity to your Olympic Games!


Who said you couldn’t bring the trucks out in the snow? Let the kids bring out their bulldozers and dump trucks and fill them with snow. The kids will have a blast playing with their normal toys in the snow. Bring out the sand buckets and shovels too! Combine this with a little snow painting and create some truck roadways and maybe even build some snow bucket houses!

Treasure Hunt!

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt! It would be really cool to have some leftover plastic eggs from springtime for this one to hide in the snow for clues to find, and then an ultimate treasure to find. No leftover eggs, use plastic baggies and hide clues with colorful paper. Make a treasure map for the kids to follow as they look for the hidden snowy treasure!

Snowy Volcano!

Why not make a volcano in the snow? This is another snowy science experiment that the kids will love participating in! This one uses stuff you probably already have in the house too. Grab a narrow cup to put in the center of your snowy volcano. Make sure the top is open to add the other ingredients. You will add some normal kitchen staples, first add baking soda, then some dish soap, and some then any color food coloring to the cup. Last ingredient you need is vinegar. Once you add the vinegar, watch out for the eruption! The kids will love making snowy volcanoes and do some science on a snowy day!

Too Cold For Outside?

Some days it can be too cold to take the kiddos outside. So you may be looking for some good indoor activities your students or kids will love. Try these fun winter coloring pages. 


You may even have a virtual day, or need simple sub plans your students can complete almost independently. These snow day themed activities are all digital and A LOT of fun.

snow day digital theme day

Winter Activities For Kids

Snow activities are tons of fun and when the typical sledding and snowman building gets old, try a few of these activities to spice up the fun for the kids in the snow! Let me know how much your kids love these activities!