Bulletin boards are a powerful learning tool for classrooms. They can be used to display important things to the class, relay information to students about the daily schedule, display work that is done by students, and much more. Bulletin boards can be both creative and informative and can include student involvement and participation. There are many reasons and ways to bring student-created bulletin boards into your classroom.

Why You Should Decorate Bulletin Boards in the Classroom

A classroom bulletin board is often the focal point in the classroom and can be used as a great learning tool. Bulletin boards are an important component of the classroom and can relay information to students as well as reinforce lessons. Therefore, bulletin boards in the classroom also provide a way to introduce new material or display student work. The bulletin board should be both engaging and educational.  When materials are posted on the bulletin board, students should recognize the importance of the posted materials.  

Bulletin boards should be changed frequently and relate to concepts that are currently being covered in class. Also, a bulletin board should build interest, motivate the class by drawing attention to every child’s work at some point during the year. There should be interaction by students who can move pieces around on the board. Interactive bulletin boards add more excitement. They can also be used to review information.

Importance of Student-Created Bulletin Boards

a heart shaped earth for Earth Day bulletin board

Bulletin boards in the classroom can be educational and interactive, it is also important to have student involvement.  There are many reasons to have student involvement with bulletin boards. One of the reasons is that it takes less time from the teacher.   

Involving your students in helping with bulletin boards in the classroom can also be a great craft and fine motor activity. Interactive bulletin boards add some excitement to this typically visual decoration.

  • Takes less time from the teacher
  • Great craft and fine motor activity
  • Involve writing and displaying students work
  • They will take pride in their bulletin board and writing abilities
  • Builds confidence for students to see their work displayed


Here are my top 10 favorite student-created bulletin boards! Each picture will lead you directly to the bulletin board.  

Student-Created Bulletin Board Kits and Crafts

Implementing bulletin boards with crafts is important. This mega pack bundle of crafts/bulletin board packs makes it easy for you to implement creativity and interaction in your classroom and allow for student-created bulletin boards to become part of your classroom. This includes many different holidays, craft activities, and much more. This bundle makes it easy to put together an interactive and creative bulletin board for your classroom. 

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