It is that time to start thinking about how to set up your classroom! Back to School can seem so daunting sometimes, especially if it is your first year settling into a new space! Don’t fret though! I have some great tips for an easy classroom setup that will make the beginning of your year super simple! It may take a little elbow grease and some time planning, but it will be worth it when your space is usable, convenient, and functional! Check out these helpful classroom setup tips!

Classroom Setup Tips

These are just a couple of tips you’ll want to remember when it comes time to setup your classroom for the new school year! 

Tip #1: Befriend Your Custodian

Before you even start touching your classroom as a veteran teacher or a new teacher, my best advice is to befriend the custodian. Get to know your cleaning staff, ask about their kids, their vacation, and make an effort at a genuine relationship. If you don’t know where I’m going with this one, well, guess who moves all of the teacher desks, cabinets, and bookshelves for you? Think about who can snatch up that bookshelf that you have been eyeing from the teacher retiring? Think about it! Your custodian is super helpful in moving around some of the larger pieces of furniture and keeping you in mind when the new small group table becomes available! Besides, it doesn’t hurt to have positive relationships in the building.

Tip #2: Clorox Wipes and Cleaning

Now that you have that relationship, just in case there is some heavy lifting, you have to take out those Clorox Wipes and do a bit of cleaning. I know, I just said to befriend the custodian, but summer cleaning does not typically include wiping down empty bookshelves, or closet spaces. Think about the dust that collects over a few months of no movement. It will be worth it to take a wipe or 10 and just make everything a little less dusty and spider webby.

Tip #3: Plan It Out

Next up, plan! A clear flow for students and yourself is best. Remember a classroom really needs to be functional. Draw out where you will put your classroom furniture and figure out where storage, and student desks will be placed. You need the teacher area, student desks, small group area, morning meeting, maybe even a technology area. Where will your classroom library be?

 I tend to put my students in groups, but depending on if you have tables or desks. Your setup may be different. Your teacher desk should be in a location that is readily available to you. But you want it to have a good view of the classroom, especially the door, so you can see who is coming and going! Really think about how you can get around your room when little bodies are everywhere! You want to easily be able to navigate through the classroom and have supplies, books, and group locations easy to manage and just easy to navigate to in the room

a teacher leaning down on a desk talking to students.

Tip #4: Bulletin Boards

Well, last but not least, it is time to decorate! Use those bulletin boards in a purposeful way! Bulletin boards can double for showing off student work, or for learning boards. They can be interactive too. Don’t forget to think ahead to Back to School Night, which will be right around the corner. What do you want to display? Think about where your anchor charts will hang, where your back-to-school welcome sign will be and get to it! I have TONS of bulletin board ideas to help you out! Check them out here!

bulletin board with yetis

Don’t let your classroom setup bring you down! It is going to be a great school year and this is just the beginning. Set out to set up your best classroom yet! Grab some labels from my TpT store and stock up on your organization bins and containers to make the most of that cabinet space. Organization is key! Make a plan, but be flexible, plans change all the time! It is definitely time to use these classroom setup tips to set up your classroom today!