animal research reports a frog and cat

Moo! Ribbit! Meow! Roar! Animals are just so cool! Kids just love to explore the world of animals and why not? They are super interesting! Bring that love for all different types of animals into the classroom with some low-prep, exciting animal research and writing! Students will have a blast picking their animals to research, filling in some fun facts, and of course, coloring the perfectly adorable animal to display their hard work! Looking for this to be ready to use tomorrow for your students? Don’t worry I have a pack of 49 different animal research organizers with the perfect animal topper for each to grab right now! Mount your animals and the research document to some construction paper, and you have a beautiful bulletin board to display some amazing animal research writing

Why Animal?

Kids love animals. They are familiar, but curious, and are even sources of comfort. Kids are inquisitive and love to learn. Animals are relatable because, after all, we’re animals too! Students will build a love and respect for animals when they research them. They will learn where they live, what types of foods they eat, and other different fun facts to share too. Building confidence in research by using animals is also a huge benefit. Students will be so excited to share all of their new findings at school and at home, further building relationships and increasing verbal communication! 

Did Someone Say Spanish?

Are you teaching a dual language program or do you have ESL students in your classroom? I have these animal research writing prompts in Spanish as well! Fully support your students that speak Spanish with this writing activity! Reading and writing are fully transferable language skills and students building language in their home language only helps them develop their abilities in English too! Students can do research in both languages as well if they are in a dual language program learning two languages! Use the resources to fit your needs and remember all the work is done for you! Just prepare the printables and go!


Students naturally gravitate towards wanting to learn more about animals so engage them in something they are interested in learning more about! With a list of 49 different animals, kids will all have one or two animals that they want to know more about. With so many options, students can present their findings to their classmates and everyone will learn something new about our beloved animals!

Why Animal Research?

Research not only broadens a child’s viewpoint but the independence and confidence that comes along with being able to do one’s own research is beyond important! Besides confidence, students will be honing a skill that will be vital to their growth as students throughout their schooling. Students will be developing higher-order thinking with their questions, understanding how to take notes and even paraphrase, and really communicating new information to others through writing and speaking. All of this, plus the ability to read and interpret information presented to students. Phew. This is a lot of positives! There’s really no reason not to grab the animal research writing bundle today and watch those inquisitive minds make some beautiful animal reports!

Animal Research Writing is such a great activity and hits so many writing standards! Students will love choosing their animals, finding some cool facts to share, and even drawing a picture of what their animal looks like! They will then color the printable and share it with the class! Animal Research Writing makes a beautiful bulletin board too! You can grab your set here today! Don’t forget that Animal Research Writing is available in Spanish too! Animal Research Writing takes the prep out of your next writing unit and adds a ton of fun in to your writing lessons!

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