Do, do, do, do…the students will not be able to resist this one! All ages are going to be singing along while showing off all of their new grade-level skills! The Baby Shark Bulletin Board Kit is the perfect addition to your end-of-the-year review or a perfect introduction to back to school to think about all the great things in the year ahead! The Shark Bulletin Board is so much for grades preschool through fourth! The students are going to love singing along to the popular song Baby Shark, and the kit is a must-have for one of your best bulletin boards yet! Make sure to check it out and get your kit here!

A HUGE Baby Shark Bulletin Board KIT!

This kit is huge. The Shark Bulletin Board Kit is full of everything sharks with a really cool premise behind it. Kids will be able to brainstorm and write about all the skills they have either learned during the school year by the end of the year or think about what the next grade might have in store for them! Even better, use this bulletin board for Back to School Night or Open House after students have been with you for a month or two to show off everything they can already do, do, do, do! Grade levels from preschool to fourth grade are included making this perfect for any teacher who may change grade level from time to time too!

What’s included to make this a low-prep activity?

There is a shopping list with links to all of the shark books you could need for mentor texts for this unit! Misunderstood Shark by Ame Dyckman is one of my favorites! There are lots of links to make all of your needs easy to find and purchase! Of course, there is a possibility you have many of the needs in your classroom already. There are also some items to just jazz up your boards on the shopping list too. After shopping, check out the detailed lesson plan. There is no need to plan when the plan is done for you. Along with the book recommendations, there is also a video link to “Baby Shark” the famous song!

You’ll have All of the bulletin parts you’ll need, too! There are bulletin board prep photos for inspiration, poster directions, and a step-by-step tutorial to print the clipart, which is going to look amazing on the bulletin board. Also included are a bunch of graphics like sand, seaweed, shells, and of course sharks! All 26 letters of the alphabet in clip art are available to spell out any grade needed with different fonts and sizes included!

Baby Shark Craft!

Yes, this is about writing, but it is also a craft too! Craft templates for each of the parts of the students’ sharks are included, like fins, bellies, eyes, and teeth in boy and girl parts. If your students are a little younger or you need to save some time, you can just have them use the clipart and color and cut, instead of assembling for time-saving or for younger students that are just working on those fine motor skills.

Writing Templates!

Of course, there are a bunch of different writing templates included too. The templates are available per grade level, starting with Pre-K! But there are differentiated versions for each grade level too. Handwriting lines vary and are perfect for all stages of writing! There are even two extra writing prompts included for those early finishers!

Phew! This kit is packed! Student Sharks Bulletin Board Kit is an absolute must-have for any year of elementary school! With 75, five-star reviews, you know you need a copy of this one! Check out this review from Meagan M., “This is the cutest thing! My babes loved making their own little sharks, and it’s a huge hit on our hallway display! so cute!” Student Shark Bulletin Board Kit is a perfect beginning or end-of-the-year activity! Make sure you get your kit today, right here!

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