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Ah! Back to school already! Looking for some new, exciting bulletin boards to start your year off right? You’ve come to the right place. Back-to-school bulletin boards are the best because they help build that community in your classroom right away! Students feel included and excited to see their work on the walls right away. Read on for some of my favorite back-to-school bulletin boards to use this school year!

6 Educational and Fun Back-to-School Bulletin Boards

You’ll be the talk of school (in a good way) with these cute back-to-school bulletin boards. The best part? Your students will learn something while creating them! 

School Family and Class Family (Book Companion!)

Building community is so exciting and getting to know our students is the perfect activity for back to school! With this activity, plus a bulletin board, you are going to be set for back to school! Using the read-aloud book Our School is a Family or the book Our Class is a Family by Shannon Olsen, this whole bulletin board comes together perfectly. 

Shannon Olsen’s books have been a huge hit recently, and your library may even have one if you don’t! If you want to grab your copy of the book, here is the link to purchase it! This bundle comes with all of the bulletin board letters, writing templates, craft templates for the houses, and even more. Set that positive tone, get to know your students, and start building a community for the year with these perfect bulletin board ideas! Here is the TpT link to Class Family, and here is the TpT link to School Family!

A Letter From Your Teacher (Book Companion) Craft and Bulletin Board!

Another perfect bulletin board idea is pairing another book by Shannon Olsen, A Letter From Your Teacher, with this craft! This is the perfect back-to-school bulletin board activity! You could even pair this one with Our Class is a Family! Here is a link to Amazon if you want to grab the book! Your whole first week could be planned and two bulletin boards done (if you have more than one)! Using this read-aloud makes for the most powerful opportunity to build relationships and build a positive classroom environment.

After reading the book, students will get to write you a letter in return! All of the parts you need to build your bulletin board are included, with sentence starters, too! Here is the link to check it out!

Alligator Bulletin Board (Book Companion)!

Are you looking for something a little bit different for back-to-school? Of course, this board can be used anytime, but what fun it will be to get to know your students in a bit of a creative way! This is another activity that combines a book with a writing activity to make a hugely successful back-to-school bulletin board. Read aloud the book If You Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don’t by Elise Parsley, and build that positive routine around reading.

Grab a copy of the book here. Then, have students come up with their own funny advice as to why we should NOT bring alligators to school! You will instantly know which kids are creative, which kids are logical, and which kids are just a little goofy! This is the perfect opportunity to get a writing sample and put together a really fun bulletin board at the same time. Grab everything you need here!


Yeti Bulletin Board

Are you looking for something creative that incorporates friendship into your bulletin board? This is absolutely the perfect one for you! Kiddos love monsters, creatures, and, of course, cute Yetis! This kit is perfect for back to school and has the theme “YETI to be good friends!” It is such a great message and a perfect foundation for building that community during back-to-school time.

Kids will come up with a way that they are “Yeti” to display friendship. The writing templates are differentiated and ready for grades K-3. There is a writing component and an adorable yeti craft, too. This one is going to make your teacher neighbors jealous because it is so cool! Grab this kit here!

Selfie Craft!

Get ready to take some selfies (or draw them)! This is the perfect back-to-school bulletin board and even more perfect for an open house for parents to see! This is a great way to learn names and really get an idea of what each student’s interests are, too. Pair this with some books about selfies, such as I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont (available here)  or What I Like About Me by Allia Zoben Nolan (available here), to really get the conversation started and give students some ideas for their writing.

. Take some selfies of the students or have them draw them. If you don’t have a bulletin board, these work great hanging with clothespins from any type of line, too. Students will then add facts about their selfies! Lots of templates are included, and this is definitely low prep! Grab the whole kit here!

Back-to-school bulletin boards are a must-have! Use one or two of these boards and be the envy of all of your hallway neighbors! They are low prep and ready to go, making them even better. Have fun with back to school, and I hope it is an incredible school year!

I have so many fun and educational bulletin board activities. You can find a ton of information on different ones by clicking here.