back to school craft idea shows the book our class is a family with a house craft

This back to school craft idea is one of our favorite yearly activities. First of all, we read the book Our Class is a Family to help establish a positive classroom culture and learning environment. Next, we complete this craft and writing project for a great student made bulletin board activity.

      Download this back to school craft idea here today!

Back to School Season

The back to school season can seem stressful for teachers. There is so much to establish during this time. For example, teachers need to figure out each students needs, test them, discover their interest etc etc. Meanwhile, teachers also need to help students develop a positive classroom culture, and teach the classroom rules. 

One easy way to create a positive classroom culture is to provide meaningful learning opportunities to show how each class is like a family. Which is why this back to school craft is our favorite. First of all, we read the book Our Class is a Family. Next, we discuss how our class is like a family and what it looks like and means in our room. We also discuss how this is a safe place to make mistakes, learn, and help each other out. Next, I pass out this fun craftivity and students begin cutting out each piece and putting the house together. Then, students will take everything they learn from the book and our discussion and write about how our class is a family on the writing paper inside of the house. Then, I take everyone’s craft and writing and put it up for a fun back to school bulletin board. I typically leave this bulletin board up for a while to remind my students during the back to school season how we are a family. We love this back to school craft idea and know you will too. Download it today here!