New year, new students, so why not have a little fun? Back to school certainly means community building. What better way than with some fun back to school crafts! Even better, the crafts can be used for Open House and bulletin boards. They also help the students get to know each other better! Crafts are so important for young learners working on writing, fine motor skills, cutting, gluing, following directions, listening, and creativity.  Check out all the best back to school crafts. They’re ready for you right now in my TpT store! These crafts perfect to use right now!

4 Back To School Crafts

Here are four back to school crafts you are going to absolutely love!

Back To School Crafts: Pencil

Let’s jump right in with our first back to school craft, A Letter from Your Teacher by Shannon Olsen! This is a back-to-school craft that is perfect for those bulletin boards! After reading the book aloud to the class, which is adorable. The students will be so excited to participate in this back to school craft. The book is all about what a teacher wants students to know when they head back to school for the year.

A Letter from Your Teacher is all about how the year will be filled with positive relationships and success! This craft will be the start of those amazing relationships! It is very low prep and has the writing templates and sentence starter posters. Plus, cute bulletin board craft parts to make your hallway the envy of the other teachers! Looking for more back to school read alouds? check out my blog post for some more ideas!

House Craft

Another great choice for a craft that accompanies a read aloud is inspired by the book Our Class is a Family by Shannon Olsen. Again building those relationships from day one and setting a positive tone for the year is everything! Practice cutting, gluing, and organizing ideas, yup all here! This back to school craft has the students build a house by cutting it out and gluing the parts together. They then combine it with a fun writing activity about how the class is a family! This is the perfect addition to back to school. Our youngest learners really do need to feel at home. 

Give them that feeling of acceptance, love, and a little understanding because for our youngest learners, school is new. Plus let’s face it, we spend a lot of time together! Instill the power of positivity right from the start. Build that ultimate classroom community! The students will be reminded of it every time they see the hallway bulletin board!

Back To School Crafts: Donuts

Did someone say donuts? Social emotional learning has become a huge role in our classrooms since the pandemic, and we must embrace that. With this Donut Craft, you can begin your year focusing on mindfulness. Reminding students of coping skills they may have forgotten over the summer! These are really adorable and a low prep! Students are going to love cutting, coloring, and putting their donuts together. Of course, they’ll love writing about what they can do to calm down and remain mindful. This would be a great intro to SEL and a great activity for the beginning of the year. Another excellent bulletin board in the making also!

Apple Craft

Looking for a fall back to school themed craft? I have you covered with the cross-curricular apple craft! This is the perfect fall apple craft your students will love!  The craft includes all of the templates you need to cut, and color, and even multiple writing options!  This is a great addition to back-to-school crafts! I love sharing teacher reviews because they helps other teachers! Here is a teacher review from Kelly H.

“My students loved creating this adorable writing activity! We used it as a fall bulletin board display. I will definitely be using it again. Thank you!”

 Get to know what your students love to do, create an atmosphere of community, and have some fun with a fall theme!

Back To School Crafts= Community and Caring

Back to School Crafts are so essential to make that community bond with your students. Students feel proud and feel they belong when they see their work on the bulletin board or in the hallway alongside their classmates. Crafts make a difference in building a classroom culture of love and acceptance as we admire and compliment each other on our ideas and creativity! Run over to my TpT store and grab a bundle of all of the crafts and save a little money, or grab a few for back to school, and come back for your next season of crafts in October for some spooky fun! I can’t wait to see what you do with these awesome back to school crafts!