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Teachers have full plates. Sometimes overflowing. No-prep activities to give to students who are finished early or need a bit of a creative challenge are necessary. Working with a reading group and need to keep the other groups engaged? Brain Boomers. Indoor recess and need to keep little hands busy? Brain Boomers. Looking for math enrichment while differentiating for struggling learners? Brain Boomers. Need a boost of calm energy for your students? Brain Boomers.  Looking for some mindfulness activities? Brain Boomers. Brain Boomers are those no-prep activities that you always need to have on hand to keep those young brains boosted with learning, and they’re so much fun!

These boomers are the perfect example of enrichment! The bundles that I have put together have it all. There are puzzles, mazes, comic making, math, drawing, pencil tracing, challenges, mindful coloring, and so much more.

Brain Boomer Options

Brain Boomers are perfect for early finishers, indoor recess, mindful coloring, math enrichment, incorporating art into your lessons, and challenging learners to do some critical thinking. Use them as extras, as part of a lesson, or simply as an assignment to keep kiddos engaged. Take a look at a review from a first-grade teacher who primarily works with students with learning difficulties, “My students literally beg me to bring out the Brain Boomers! I bought another pack last year and am excited to add to the choices we have in our classroom!” Students are going to be excited, motivated, challenged, and engaged with these activities. Here some of the options for bundles that are perfect for centers, early finishers, and more!

Brain Boomers Enrichment for Littles 

Brain Boomers Enrichment for Littles is a great pack for young learners and will stretch those brain muscles to encourage critical and creative thinking. Students can find the number hiding in the box, add farm animals to the landscape by cutting and gluing, or draw some toys for the claw machine! Interested in this bundle? Check it out here!

Back to School Brain Boomers

Get those brains moving with back-to-school-themed puzzles and mazes. Get to know your student’s academic needs and skills with these activities. Use them when doing reading benchmarks or when students finish pre-assessments early! Get the Back to School Brain Boomers here!

Brain Boomers for Animal Lovers

Do your students really love animals? Are you doing a unit around animals? These would be the perfect addition to your unit! Students will really love boosting their brains around their favorite animals. Students will love feeding the pig rhyming words, or labeling their animal friends as they practice their writing and spelling! This pack is available here!

Boomers Spring Fun

Brain Boomers, SPRING FUN! This one is themed for the spring and perfect to make sure there are some different Brain Boomers for later in the school year! Students can do some math activities, color by number, use some of their spelling rules, and have a ton of fun. Grab this bundle here!

Halloween Boomers

Boo! Who doesn’t love some good old Halloween fun? This bundle is full of spooky ghosts and monsters, too! Students can think of the best ways to scare their teacher or find a pumpkin picture through color by number! Grab this one here!

Fall Theme

Pumpkins, apples, animals and more. The fall theme is so much fun! Incorporate this into your fall-themed lessons to get the kiddos having fun in the fall. Students can play tic-tac-toe, color some turkeys for Thanksgiving, and do some subtraction-based coloring. Have some fall fun by finding this bundle here!

Are you just loving them all and can’t decide? Grab the whole lot of them and have them for all the seasons and all year long! Never run out activities and each year students will love doing these awesome, fun puzzles, mazes, and more! The Mega Pack Bundles are available here!

When students are motivated, success is off the charts. When students feel challenged and excited about learning, they are more active in their learning and motivated to absorb all of the new knowledge they can by discussing, raising their hand, or working hard. All of the activities in the Brain Boomer bundles are just that, motivating! They are also no-prep, easy to use, and perfect for little minds to grow. Can’t wait to see which bundles you decide to use with your classes! Brain Boomers are the perfect addition to your classroom!