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Our brains always need a boost! Brain Boomers are so much fun for students at any time of the day! Brain Boomers is a comprehensive package of super engaging activities to build that creative energy! Included in the package are puzzles, mazes, comics, tracing, challenges, math games, and some coloring! Brain Boomers have so many incredible benefits for our students. Don’t miss out!

Why Brain Boomers?

Brain breaks, or brain boomers are perfect for stress reduction for our students. Even our youngest students need a break from the stress of academics! The incredible demands we have to put on our students are intense and stress can build up in even our youngest little scholars. Brain Boomers will reduce anxiety, but also promote critical thinking in a positive way so students don’t even realize they are learning! They can even reduce frustration because they take the high stakes off the table! Another incredible benefit is that they help our students become more productive and focused. Being productive and focused is not something that comes naturally to everyone and these brain boomers are the perfect practice to help with that focus!

What is Included?

Now that you know you need to get the Brain Boomers for their crazy benefits let’s talk about what you will see in the package! There are over 140 prompts included and they are absolutely NO PREP! Literally, just print and go!

Also included are tracers where students will work on that penmanship and have some fun too. Tracing the wacky lines with different colors, markers, or colored pencils will be an exciting task! Attention to detail will be extra important here! Another one that will have students working hard on detail is Pencil Pathways where they use different colors to create the pathways making a beautiful rainbow of colors on the page.


Creativity is also a huge part of using brain boomers. Inspire those kiddos with the Design Your Own Robot activity! Will the kiddos make a robot that wears a dress? Will the robot be able to speak another language? Will the robot be a professional dancer? Can’t wait to see the kiddos’ creative responses!

Even more creative Brain Boomers include tracking your reading and coloring book spines for books you have read, or making your own puzzle, drawing someone special, and even creating your own board game! Who knows, may you end up with some new board games to play in class! How great would it be for students to use their own board games? They will be beaming with pride! Another great activity is rainbow sentences! Students will be working on their sentence structure, word choice, and more with this fun activity of writing rainbow sentences!


Mindfulness is another really important topic when it comes to brain breaks, and in the Brain Boomers pack, there are, of course, some options for mindful coloring. Mindful coloring can really create ease in a child’s mind. Decorating the optical illusion is a good one for some mindful coloring. Another option is the worksheet that has students practice their mindful breathing while coloring.

Math Games

How about some numbers games? Students will really put their number knowledge to work when they try to fill in the numbers puzzle. Students will need to fill in the number 1-9 without repeating in each box. There are also dot-to-dot activities and other really fun puzzles for the students to figure out while having a bunch of fun.

Overall, the advantages of brain boomers are off the charts. Students will be engaging in learning in a productive way that really allows for creativity and fun. Students won’t even know that they are using creative, critical thinking because their minds will be focused on solving the puzzle or making meaning of the activity in an exciting way.

Brain Boomers are so easy to use, with 140 separate digital files that are so easy to post for students, even digitally! Print and go or even email to parents for some ideas for at home! They really are the perfect activity for early finishers, indoor recess, morning work, Fun Friday, and anytime you might need a brain break! Make sure you grab your set of Brain Boomers today here and print and go!