It is totally true, our classrooms are full of stuff! It is really great stuff, but there is so much stuff! From office supplies, to colorful borders, to binders full of data, to seating options, and more! With everything a classroom needs, teachers must have some ideas for classroom storage! Without storage ideas, where does all the stuff go? We know a key to success is keeping a well-organized classroom, so here are some classroom storage ideas for elementary classrooms!

Classroom Storage Ideas For Elementary Classrooms

There are so many ways to organize and use the classroom for storage. Start with the furniture you already have on hand. Grab some plastic buckets, baskets, or supply buckets and label them! Supplies of all sorts can be put into labeled bins, baskets, and containers. Everything needs a home! 

Idea #1: Daily Bins

Use bookshelves and book bins for your classroom library sorted by color, labeled, and ready for easy use! Book Bins are great for individual students reading books too!I have Simple and Clean Supply Labels to print and use in my TpT store right now! Days of the Week Bin Labels (FREE!) too! Check them out, print them, and create purposeful storage with ease! Days of the Week Bins are great for preparing copies, read-alouds, and any supplies you will need each day to stay organized, but also have the storage for them!

Idea #2: Supplies Cart

 What about a tomorrow cart? This classroom storage idea is all about keeping a cart of supplies for the next day. Grab those manipulatives for the next day, and the binders you will need. Grab your laminated writing folders and worksheets and the read-aloud for the morning meeting. This storage idea will keep you organized and ready for the day with little prep!

Idea #3: Storage Containers 

If you are looking for even more, go grab some cube organizers from Target or Ikea. They are pretty simple to put together and then hit up your favorite dollar store for those buckets and containers. Tupperware and Ziplock bags also make great storage too! Your favorite dollar store will have those too! Store manipulative in Tupperware for easy storage and cleanup.

If you have some space or a closet with a rod for hangers, you can easily get some clothespins and hang bundled ziplock bags of manipulatives or games to have ready to use. Really anything that you can bundle into a ziplock bag like theme bags would work for this storage idea too!

clear bins with blue tops and labels for different themes in the classroom. classroom storage ideas for elementary

Idea #4: Binders

Binders are a must! This is an easy storage idea that keeps you organized too. I have some great binder labels in my TpT store in Shiplap to print and use to label binder covers and spines for easy access to exactly what you need, when you need it. Hang binders by color or alphabetically on a bookshelf ready to go when you need them!


Another storage idea is grabbing some clearance planters from Target or your local hardware store. These work really well for holding pens, pencils, markers, and more.

More Classroom Storage Ideas For Elementary Classrooms

I still have a couple more storage ideas for elementary classrooms up my sleeve! 

Idea #5: Office Folder/Bin

A bin or folder for incoming work or notes for the office is also needed. This could even be a part of your tomorrow cart, have a spot for anything students need to give to you and it keeps it neat, tidy, accessible and makes sure you have space for it.

Idea #6: Command Hooks

Command Hooks are great for storage. Hang clipboards with data on command hooks so they are accessible, but out of the way. You can also use Command Hooks to hang binder clips with bulletin board borders, or student lanyard passes or even student name tags. I have a great editable lanyard name tag kit ready to go in TpT, if you need one.

 Idea #7: Dish Rack Storage

If you are a fan of clipboards or lots of binders or even student notebooks, grab a dish rack to easily organize them for quick access! Also, using a hanging shoe rack can have so many great storage hacks, but putting those pesky headphones in them labeled with each childs’ number is ideal! Easy storage and out of the way!

Idea #8: Colored Paper Bins

I LOVE colored paper and storing it in an organized way can be tricky! I use a hanging filing cabinet drawer to sort my construction paper colors and then I use these bins from Amazon, that I am OBSESSED with for my Astrobrights paper colors. They are a bit pricey but worth it for their durability and nice stacking.

Idea #9: Mesh Storage Bags


My favorite recess game storage hack is storing my games in these mesh zipper bags from Amazon! I ditch the boxes for the games and/or puzzles (that always fall apart anyway) and I pop all the pieces into these bags. Not only do they stay more organized, but they are way easier to put away for the kids!

Idea #10: Storage Cubes

If you need some bigger cubbies without the cost, go get some milk crates and zip tie them together and easy peasy, you have storage cubes to be used anywhere in the room for storage supplies or student supplies. Using command hooks to hang baskets or crates on the walls works too!

Idea #11: Teacher Toolbox

A teacher toolbox is a great storage idea for all of your personal school supplies. Think bait box, but for teachers! Make sure to label, label, label to stay organized!

Classroom storage can sometimes be tricky without the proper space, but these ideas will help you out and make your year run nice and smooth! Don’t forget to check out the classroom storage labels in Thompsons Teachings on TpT to help you make your classroom storage even easier this year!

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