Let’s play! Sometimes our students need a change of pace and a classroom game is in order! There are tons of great ideas for classroom games and all ages of students will love them! Read on for some ideas for classroom team building games that are super easy to play and add a little fun to your classroom today!

9 Classroom Team Building Games

These classroom team building games are perfect for all grades and your students will absolutely love them! 


Why not draw? This is a great classroom team building game because of the team aspect! Pictionary is so awesome because any age student can play; you can have the element of competition and it is fast paced and exciting. In a classroom students can use your white board and dry erase markers, or even use small dry erase boards. Make it a whole class event, or have students pair off and play! Make a list of topics related to science or social studies topics to help review for the upcoming assessment! 


Buzz is this fun game that replaces a number or word with BUZZ! You could make the rules however you want on this one. If you are reciting the alphabet, you can tell students all vowels are now the BUZZ word. Each student would say a letter and instead of a,e,i,o,u, and sometimes y, you would say BUZZ. For example, C, D, BUZZ, F… This is a fun way of reviewing. Use it with math too! Are you skipping counting? Put a BUZZ in every 5th number or every odd number. Get creative and have some fun!

Four Corners

Four Corners is fun to get the kids up and moving. Give multiple choice questions and each corner can be A, B, C, or D. Have the students move to where they think the correct answer is in the room. Two corners can work too! Have some fun and debate different ice cream flavors or choose their favorite animal too! All of the zebra lovers to this corner and the dog lovers to that corner. Have students share why their animal is the best to help students prove their opinions!


I’m Going on a Trip

This classic game is so much fun. You start by going through the alphabet and thinking of a word that begins with the letter of the alphabet that falls on your turn. Each person repeats, I’m going on a trip and I’m going to bring an ____. The next person would repeat, I’m going on a trip and I’m going to bring an apple, and a ball. Each child would remember, repeat, and add to the list! You can modify this game to make it easier or harder too!


Practice addition and subtraction or letters with a game of Bingo! Use laminated Bingo cards and a word or number bank for students to fill out their cards. If you are doing math, ask the students, does anyone have the sum of 2+5 or harder questions, depending on the age of your students! Practice letter sounds or sight words? Those would work too!

Digital Games

If you are looking for something with literally no prep at all…digital games are for you! I made so many digital games for my kids to have fun playing during remote learning time, BUT I found that they are easily used and adored IN PERSON teaching too! We do a few game slides a day at the end of each Morning Meeting. Doodle challenges, Trivia, Memory Lock, Favorites, Zoom it and more! I made a bunch of freebies too! Check out all the games I use in my room here.

Minute to Win It

One of my classroom team building activities is Minute to Win It is a great action-packed television show, but makes for some excellent classroom games too! There are lots of options here! A Favorite of mine is stacking cups in a minute! Don’t forget to have students take them down too! They could also build blocks, use straws to move cereal, or use tweezers to move items from one bin to another, in a minute of course! Even better, try Cookie Face! Cookie face is when a child starts with the cookie on the child’s face and they have to get it to their mouth without using their hands!

Board Games

Kids love board games. Grab some board games from home and make a day of it! Kids will have a blast playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos or Candy Land. This could be a fun reward day for students too!

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Kahoot! or Blooket

If you are looking for classroom team building activities that are minimal prep and still engaging and fun. Check out a platform like Kahoot! or Blooket. They are game sites that are made specifically for classrooms! There are a ton of premade games by other teachers and different game modes making it fun for students. This can also be played individually or with a team. Check them out today!

Classroom games definitely add an element of fun and excitement to the school day! Sometimes review games are a lot more fun than simple flash cards! Remember to have a little fun with your students and try out one of these awesome classroom games today!