Did someone say coloring? Coloring in class is an incredible activity that kids and adults both love. Not only is coloring fun, but it is relaxing! Coloring gives a sense of peace and mindfulness. You know you’ve had those weeks in the classroom where it has just been hectic and it is only Wednesday. The students have those weeks too. Try a relaxing coloring book for kids.  

What about those early finishers during morning work? Are you looking for an activity for the end of the day? How about indoor recess? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place! Available right now in my TpT store is a HUGE bundle of coloring books! Just print and go! This is the ultimate bundle of coloring books to print right now and cover all the topics you could imagine from ABCs, holidays and even some advanced coloring pages for older kids and adults!

The Ultimate Coloring Book For Kids Bundle!

Coloring is amazing for more than just relaxation! Of course, coloring is truly an act of relaxation, but it is also great for those young learners to work on their motor skills. Students will be having fun and still working on those ever so important writing skills! Do you have students working on holding a pencil correctly in kindergarten or students working on improving their lines in 1st? Coloring is excellent practice!

Coloring also gives students an outlet for creativity, and believe it or not improves focus! Creativity, focus, and even self-expression can all be achieved simply by coloring. Don’t run out and buy a bunch of coloring books though! Just head over to my TpT and you will find the mega pack of cool coloring books for kids available right now and you will be set all year with all of the themes available!

These cool coloring books are perfect for indoor recess, reviewing topics like the alphabet or numbers for math or even reviewing theme topics like spring and fall. The students love this because they do not feel like they are drudging through a math worksheet, even though they are seeing and thinking about the numbers in a creative way! Early finishers will love grabbing a mindfulness coloring sheet to bring them a sense of peace and give them an opportunity to explore their creative side.

Coloring Book MEGA PACK

The mega pack bundle is perfect for all your coloring needs. This bundle is definitely the best coloring books for kids! Reviews include highly satisfied customers. 

Check this review out: “My students have been loving the coloring sheets!  They look forward to seeing the new ones I put out each week! There is so much to choose from in this bundle.  Our artist wall is full at school with their beautiful work! “ The MEGA pack bundle of my coloring books is ready for you now and includes:

-Alphabet coloring pages

-Mindfulness coloring pages

-Spring coloring pages

-Math coloring pages

-Back to School coloring pages

-Animal coloring pages

-Fall coloring pages

-Halloween coloring pages

-Magical/Fantasy coloring pages

-Food coloring pages

-Winter coloring pages

-Christmas coloring pages

-Valentine’s Day coloring pages

-Dinosaur coloring pages

-Advanced and Detailed coloring pages (kids and adults)

-Cute and Silly coloring pages

-Spring Fun coloring pages

-St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages

-Ocean Life coloring pages

Get Coloring!

You will be covered for the entire year! There is nothing like a resource that is easily printable and ready to use. Grab the bundle now to get ready for the school year. Are you doing an ocean theme? Perfect, there is a coloring book for that! Dinosaurs, got you covered! Looking for something great for the first week of school? The back-to-school coloring pages will be a lifesaver for getting through routines that first week with some exciting coloring opportunities. Relieve that stress of all of the new year and students will be ecstatic to take a moment to simply breathe and color! Click here to go grab the coolest coloring books for kids now!