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Shapes, shapes, and more shapes! Our students need to be well versed in learning shapes in terms of geometry, and furthering their math skills as they grow through the grades. Learning shapes can be a ton of fun, and with these ideas full of shapes activities, and a few games of course, you’ll be ready to conquer the shape lessons right away! Creative shape activities for kids are here for you!

10 Creative Shape Activities

These 10 creative shape activities are simple, fun, and easy to bring into the classroom! 

Creative Shape Activities: Sidewalk Chalk

First up, sidewalk chalk! Who doesn’t love going outside when you can! Students can trace shapes, identify shapes, have a scavenger hunt for different shapes, or create their own. Make it a relay race and students will be even more into this shape activity!

Scavenger Hunt

Get back outside with a shape scavenger hunt! Think about all the items children can find outside that are a variety of shapes! This shape activity will be so much fun. If you don’t want to use just nature, print out or use some shape blocks and let students use clues to find the different shapes on a real life treasure hunt! The end can be a treasure box with some circle coins!

Creative Shapes Activities: Blocks

Blocks are a really great way to review shapes. Even better, have students count and graph shapes to make the lesson even more meaningful. This shape activity will be fun, engaging, and hit on multiple skills at once.

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Shape Pizzas

So you’re inside, how about a shape pizza? Make shape pizzas! Yes, you’ll need some prep work, but students will have a blast with this shape activity. The toppings can be any shape and the round crust will be perfect as a foundation. Think triangle peppers, circle pepperoni, polygon mushrooms, and more!

Creative Shapes Activities: Legos

Build with Legos! Any shape can be built with Legos and students will be able to conceptualize 2D or 3D shapes by using Legos to understand how the shape must be built. This would be the perfect shape activity for students who are a bit more advanced and ready for more! Have students record their observations for a great shape activity worksheet.

Car Diagrams

How about some cars? Young students learning shapes can drive Matchbox cars over the shapes to learn the lines and curves. Grab a partner to make sure everyone is identifying the correct shape as they drive through them! Have students write on a shape activity worksheet to identify what shapes they drove on!

Creative Shapes Activities: Shape Monsters

Shape monsters are too cool! Grab those brown paper bags and start there. Students can then choose from an array of shapes to create their monster by using shapes for eyes, mouth, polk dots, teeth, and more.

Dino Crunch

Looking for an online shape game?  No worries, here are a couple. Dino Crunch on is perfect for learning 2D and 3D shapes. This fun dinosaur theme is perfect for reviewing those geometry terms and shape descriptors. Of course, it is also fun and free to use!

Creative Shapes Activities: Kangaroo Hop

Another fun online shape game is Kangaroo Hop Game on Math Playground. Power up your kangaroo by identifying shapes correctly. This one is even aligned to the common core standard: Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size. Play against others or even share to Google Classroom.

Shape Read Alouds

Shape Read Alouds! There are some great books to read aloud to review shapes with the whole group of students.If I Were a Polygon is a great book to share with students to talk about shapes. This book is engaging, creative, and easy to read. What could be a polygon? A kite? A stop sign? Go grab a copy and use it in a morning meeting!


Another shape read aloud to use is The Greedy Triangle! This triangle is definitely greedy! He keeps adding angles and he is completely transformed by the end! The kids will love this fun read aloud to review all different shapes, polygons, and some math concepts!

More Creative Shape Activities

Looking for some no prep shape activities? Grab some Doodle Challenges for Geometry on my TpT store right now! Doodle Challenges are perfect for practicing those shape skills!

Another one available is Shape Hunt! It is a virtual meeting game for geometry perfect for digital, no prep access, and for fun Fridays too! Students go find different shaped objects and bring them back to the table. This could work with cut out shapes or anything in the classroom!

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