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Daily routines for students help to achieve academic goals easily.  A routine is a set of procedures for handling daily occurrences, as well as planning for unexpected events throughout your day.  When you establish a routine in the classroom, it communicates expectations for the students and helps to build understanding and positive behaviors.  Here are some reasons why it is important to establish a routine. I’ll also give you some ideas and activities that you can use to establish your daily routine in the classroom.

Importance of a Routine

It is important to establish daily routines for students in the classroom.  Classroom routines can be positive and can have an impact on your student’s behavior and learning.  As you establish a routine in your classroom, it provides an environment where students know what to expect for each day, what you expect of them in the classroom, and what is acceptable behavior.  

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Daily classroom routines allow students to quickly accomplish day-to-day tasks. The teacher and students should both follow these routines to keep the classroom on a normal schedule.  When there is an expectation set by a routine in the classroom, it allows students to learn responsibility and self-management skills.  

Another important thing to remember when establishing your routines is to have a routine(s) that requires interaction between teacher and student(s). These types of routines can serve to positively reinforce interpersonal communication and social skills. These skills involve students’ abilities to interact positively with others, cooperate, share and respect their peers.  

When students perform routines. It frees the teacher, and allows him/her to focus on instruction, and on the unexpected events throughout the school day.  

Morning Routine Ideas for Students

When students enter the classroom, they should know right away what they are to do.  Having morning work at student’s desk is a good way for students to settle down when they come into the classroom. 


Morning activity tubs are a great addition to your morning routine. They allow learning that students can do on their own. Morning tubs offer a play-based opportunity for students to explore, create, and communicate.  Students can also touch, create, think, talk and share.  Morning activity tubs  make your routine easier and get students excited about their day.

When students enter the room they should know immediately what to do. A way to do this is to create a display on the whiteboard by using pictures for students. As well as, having a specific set routine daily, or weekly. 

5 Must Do Daily Activities for Students

Here are 5 daily activities that you can implement in your classroom daily to help establish a routine.  

  1. One of the first activities that you can establish a routine in your classroom is having students read every day. Set aside time each day for your students to spend time reading. Establish a daily independent reading routine.  When establishing this routine it’s important to define when it will happen. This will help your student know when independent reading time starts and ends.
  2. Create hands-on learning lessons that you can incorporate into your daily activities. This type of learning can easily be put into many different subject matters.
  3. Have your classroom work in small groups. Small groups size will depend on the type of activity, length of time needed for the lesson, and the type of group task.
  4. Preparing and being ready for your day is one of the most important things that you can do. It is important to create an agenda, and to build your lesson plans around your agenda. Making sure you prepare will help you be ready for unexpected occurrences which may happen throughout the day. 
  5. Giving your student’s classroom jobs will help take care of the classroom.  Classroom jobs help give students a purpose and place in the classroom.  There are many different jobs you can give to your students. Some ideas are line leader, table cleaning, library helper, along with many others

Daily Routines for Students 

Having daily routines for your students will make your school day and life so much easier! If you are looking for a way to get your students to buy into your routines, and to make sure they are followed. I suggest using a classroom reward system.  This will help students invest in making sure their peers and they themselves follow the routines and expectations set by the teacher. 

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