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Journaling sparks creativity, fosters thinking, and provides an outlet for emotions! Journaling for elementary students is a fun and exciting way to improve independence, increase writing stamina, and express individuality! Using journal prompts takes away the hesitation of students saying, “I have nothing to write about!” Prompts are the perfect gateway to thinking, learning, and writing! Using Digital Journal Prompts allows for even more flexibility because the prompts are always available in a convenient slide deck, accessible, and easy to use. Using Digital Journal Prompts in writing centers is going to increase student empowerment and independence in writing. Take a look at the Digital Journal Prompts available right now that are going to be the perfect addition to elementary student centers!

Journal Slides: Journals and Fun Facts

These Digital Journal Slides literally have it all! They are perfect for elementary students and compatible with you in so many ways. This bundle has three different options to make it work for your students. Use them in centers, morning meeting, or independently. The Original has 190-morning meeting templates to use all year! Fun facts are included on each slide ready to use! Also included is a really cool choice board that students can use if they are early finishers, especially in center time. If they are still in the center for an allotted amount of time, choice boards would be the perfect addition!

Version 2

The second option is Version 2 with 229- Morning meeting slide templates that you can use with your class all year! Start your days off in a fun, positive, and thoughtful way. These would be great for morning meetings for all students to do their journals together or better yet, modify them as the journal of the day in the writing center!

Version 3

Version 3 is the same as above with 229 slides, but this template says Afternoon Slides for that after-lunch energy! It will be the best cool-down, refocus activity that gets them writing too.

Version 4

Version 4 is the Today’s Journal slide deck. These are perfect for center stations. They can easily be printed out daily too! Grab all of the options here!

Using the journals in centers can be done digitally with a computer screen. Providing students with options for journaling will allow them to gain ownership of their writing. But you can also use Today’s Journal for more structure and students can be excited to see which journal prompt they have for the day!

In centers, students can share their writing with peers in their group. They can also work on the choice boards. Plus, really develop writing skills in a low-stress, high-impact way! Journal writing can also give students an opportunity in groups to self-evaluate and create a routine.F