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Student engagement for writing is important; however, many teachers struggle to make writing fun for kids and without all the stress of prep work for teachers. That is why we created this fun digital writing prompts for a morning journal and morning work. Since these are completely digital it is no prep which means less stress for you.

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How to Use These Digital Writing Prompts

These digital writing prompts are easy to use. First of all, you will complete the choice board for the day. The choice board feature gives students options of what they can do when they are done with their writing. Next, display one slide on the smart board so as students file into the classroom they can start writing. Then, students will grab their writing journal and begin to answer the writing prompt. Finally, we suggest collecting their writing journals on a weekly basis. When you collect their journals you can discover skills your students are missing and create writing mini lessons. You can also write back in the journal to communicate to your students on a different level too. Click here to download these digital writing activities today!

ONE STOP SHOP to help you get your mornings started for remote, hybrid, or in person learning! This pack has 190 morning meeting slide templates that you can use with your class for the ENTIRE YEAR. ALL 190 JOURNAL PROMPTS AND 190 FUN FACTS ALREADY DONE FOR YOU! Add text boxes, clipart, etc. right onto the templates. You will have to fill in your own date and choice board based on your class by using text boxes. PowerPoint and Google Slides versions included! Add text, reorder, add/delete slides–this pack has endless possibilities!

****Blank slide also included if you need to make one of your own

UPDATED!!! 12/3- NOW WITH choice board ideas and clipart to move into your choice board. This is used for when your kids finish their journal- they can pick something to do from the choice board to work on quietly after they are done. ALSO, the dates in PowerPoint will now update each day for you- NO MORE changing the dates manually! Download today!