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Ground-shaking roars and Earth-shaking stomping! It is time to have a Dinosaur Theme Day! Theme Days are such a great opportunity for learning, discovering, hands-on activities, and of course for having a bunch of fun too. Use a theme day for a special reward day, class celebration, or party, or just to bring something fresh to the classroom! Below are the best activities, crafts, and ideas for the best day.

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Dinosaur Theme Day Transformation Bundle!

This bundle has it all, from shopping lists to stations, picture ideas, all the way to activities to continue to engage those early finishers. It really has it all. Included are 10 different stations for students to engage in thinking, writing, math, art, games, and more. Let’s take a closer look at what is included in this bundle.

Theme Day Stations

Let’s talk stations! Included in this bundle are 10 Dinosaur Stations!

  • Scratch Craft
  • Paleontologist Hat/Headbands
  • Dino Dig
  • Dinosaur Sticker Stories/Sentences
  • Dinosaur Games- Uno, Kerplunk for number recognition, and greater or less
  • Dinosaur Discovery: Write the Room
  • Scribble Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Math Toss
  • Shape Dinosaur
  • Adopt a Dinosaur

Each of the stations will make your students so excited to be a part of the day. From games to writing, to math, and even a fun Paleontologist Headband to wear all day, this is going to be the perfect day!

Dinosaur STEM Challenge!

There is even a STEM challenge to catch a dinosaur that accompanies the book How to Catch a Dinosaur! Kiddos will be so excited to build a dinosaur trap to see if they can catch a dinosaur! This activity will engage all of those critical thinking skills, and planning, and may even create one or two future engineers!

Of course, to make this as memorable as can be, there are a few items that need to be purchased, but the Amazon shopping list is already created for you and ready to go! You might even have some of the supplies on hand already. Check out the shopping list here to really transform your room and make it unforgettable.


 The bundle is huge, but if you are looking for more supplemental activities, keep reading for a few more options!

True or False!

Are you looking for some more dino-themed activities? Check out this perfect addition, True of False Dinosaurs! This digital game is an easy add-on and no-prep!  There are 30 true/false slides included! A slide will pop up with a true or false question. Students will pick true or false by writing answers, moving to opposite sides of the room (which is great because it gets them active,) sit or stand, or any other idea you can think of! Students can then share and discuss.

Coloring Book!

One more addition would be coloring pages featuring lots of different dinosaurs! These are great for this special day and beyond. After you are done with them, consider using them for indoor recess or early finishers, too! Here’s the link!!


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