Doodle, doodle, doodle! Kids love to doodle! Are you looking to inspire creativity in combination with working on vocabulary and reading? These challenges are for you! The Doodle Challenge bundle is great for working with sight words, and kids will have fun doing it! Read on to find out more about Doodle Challenges and how you can use them in your classroom today! Looking for the link already? Grab them here!

What are Doodle Challenges?

Doodle Challenges are a great resource for any elementary teacher looking to reinforce some reading and vocabulary skills. Even better the challenge is for the entire month and the bundle comes with all of the months ready to use! All 12 calendar months are included starting from September with back to school all the way to August! Kids will read the words in each box and draw a doodle of that word in the corresponding box on the back of the sheet. Each box is for one doodle! 

Students can do this daily or they can do a few during fun Friday, indoor recess, early finisher work, or morning work! They can highlight the boxes as they complete them, which helps them stay organized and feel accomplished! Doodle Challenges are also great for writing folders to reference for new words to use or for their own word walls! Combine those reading and vocabulary skills with creativity and drawing and lots of fun!

Why Doodle?

Wondering how this may fit into your curriculum a little more? Believe it or not, doodling has some really great benefits. Not only will students be creating a visual to match the word they are reading, but doodling also helps with taking some time to relax, and staying focused too. Doodling can actually ensure students are retaining the meanings of the words, the correct spelling of the words, and even the automaticity of reading the sight words. All of these great benefits are included and the kids think they are just being creative and having a little fun!

Monthly Mayhem

The Doodle Challenges are monthly and also some are set up by theme! September is all about back to school! Think of words like pencil, backpack, and scissors. October is all about the fall with words like skeleton, sweater, and pumpkin! June is all about the coming summer with lake, playground, and baseball! All of the words included are elementary appropriate and spread across the months. 

Don’t want themes at all? No fret, because included in the bundle are blank calendar templates for the doodling so you can create your own words for each day too! Just make sure to print the blank template for doodles as well! Want to differentiate for bilingual learners, gifted learners, or beginning readers? Use the blank template and add the sight words or vocabulary specific to your classroom!

Instill Creativity

Creativity is so important to our young learners. Creativity leaves the students without boundaries and instills a great deal of pride and eagerness to learn in our students. It also allows students to become absorbed in the world of learning and engaged in learning even more new ideas. It even allows for students to build on their problem-solving skills which crosses into life skills and all subject areas beyond just reading. Believe it or not, creativity must be practiced and embraced! Doodle Challenges will be the perfect addition to your classroom to allow for some of that out-of-the-box thinking along with valuable reading practice!

Take a look at the Doodle Challenges available and use them to build a love of learning in your classroom today! Doodle Challenges are low prep, easy to use, and kids love them. Grab your bundle here and let me know how much your kiddos love using them!