early finisher activities shows colorful print outs of mazes and brain boosting activities

Have you ever heard of brain boomer activities? First of all, these are not your typical early finisher activities, they are super engaging and fun! Also, these activities are for preschool, kindergarten, and first graders. Each no prep printable gives students a challenging and creative task to boost their brain’s energy. These no prep activities are super easy to incorporate into your classroom. 

  Download these no prep early finisher activities here today!

No Prep Activities

This year round includes over 60 pages for your primary students. There are several different tasks including, puzzles, mazes, tracing activities, challenges, coloring pages, crafts and more. These activities will keep your students busy and will boost their brain activity, which is why we call them brain boomers!

Easily use these brain boomer activities for morning work and even early finisher folders. When setting up your early finisher activities make sure student has their own folder or binder that they can easily access. Next, fill it with a few different activities. We suggest using these brain boomer activities to keep students creative and learning. However, you can also add in math activities or literacy activities that each student needs a little extra help with. For example, if your student struggles with addition facts, make sure to add in these brain boomers along with a few activities to practice math fact fluency. Then, allow your student to freely grab their early finisher binder or folder to work on these activities when they have finished their other work and are waiting for the next instruction. Also, these early finisher activities are great for morning work too! Since these worksheets are made to boost their brain power these activities are a great way to start the day!

My students love these activities and I am sure yours will too! Download your set of early finisher or morning work fun here!