Why Use Early Finisher Activities: Perfect Opportunity to Build Brain Power

Students work at different paces.  There’s no problem with that!  But what do you do with a kid that is an early finisher?  What can early finishers do rather than sit idle while everyone is working?

The solution? 

Brain boomers!  That is early finisher activities that build their brains.

Keep reading to learn how you can use these fast finisher activities for your classroom.  Give your students early finisher activities that are challenging and enriching. These brain builders are way more exciting than sitting around twiddling thumbs.

What are early finisher activities?

Early finisher activities are exactly what the name says.  Activities for students who are fast finishers.  You know, the ones who can get an activity done in 5 minutes when the rest of the class takes the entire 15 minutes.

Early finisher activities consist of a variety of tasks like small puzzles, games, or other quiet desktop work.  They are meant to be used during downtime when kids get done before others.

Why use early finisher activities?

You might be wondering why you need to give your fast finishers something to do. You can have basic worksheets or books on hand to give your kids.  You can tell them to take out their crayons and markers to draw.  You have enough things to plan for each day, why organize special fast finisher activities.

Those are all valid thoughts.  However, kids get restless or bored if things aren’t interesting.  Then early finishers could be distracting to other students who need to concentrate.

Plus, why not build in brain boosters through fun and engaging early finisher worksheets or fast finisher boards?

Lucky for you, you can have specially designated early finisher worksheets on hand with zero prep.

Keep your fast finishers occupied with specially designed brain-building early finisher activities for kids!  Your classroom will be a haven for focus and concentration during quiet work times no matter the pace students work!

Brain Boomers: Early Finisher Activities for Kids

These brain boomers take your ordinary worksheets and pump them full of enrichment, challenges, and creativity.

Your fast finishers will be able to do a variety of early finisher activities like puzzles, mazes, comic making, math activities, drawing, pencil tracing, challenges, mindful coloring.

There’s more to these early finisher worksheets though!  They were created with kid’s brains in mind!  Some worksheets boost energy, while others are calming.  Some focus on the analytical and logical side of the brain while others focus on creativity and imagination.

How to Use Brain Boomers for Your Fast Finishers

Prep is easy for these fast finisher activities.  Simply print and go!

You also have flexibility with what you assign your students.  Because of the wide variety of early finisher activities, you have many options at your fingertips!

Create early finisher choice boards and let your students choose what to do. 

Organize the brain boomers into categories.  They can be grouped into things like early finisher art activities, fast finisher math games, and so on.  That way it’s easier to pull out early finisher worksheets quickly.

Give your students early finisher worksheets based on their mood!  If they are low on energy boost it with a maze that perks up their brain.  Have a student feeling frazzled?  Calm their mind with a mindful drawing exercise.  For students that need to grow their imagination offer them a comic-making worksheet.  Students who need to practice math skills can get great practice from math puzzles.

To see what these early finisher activities that incorporate brain-building exercises are all about check out my products here!  You’ll see how your classroom can benefit from these worksheets and find there is minimal planning on your part!

Don’t leave your early finishers bored, build their brain with these brain-boomer early finisher activities!

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