Have you experienced an act of kindness from someone or provided an act of kindness to someone else?   How did it make you feel?  Experts have determined that when you show kindness, it changes the brain and provides physical and emotional benefits. There are also so many acts of kindness you can do with your class! 

Why is Kindness Important?

When we practice kindness it provides many benefits physically and emotionally.  Showing kindness changes brain chemistry. One of the reasons why showing or receiving kindness is important is that it helps to increase happiness, as well as create feelings of self-worth and belonging. There are many benefits that kids experience from learning the value of kindness.  Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to improved health and less stress, increased feelings of gratitude, concentration and improved results, less bullying, and reduced depression

Books on Kindness

There are many resources book resources available for kids to read on various acts of kindness.  These are just a few of the books that focus on kindness and expressing kindness to those around you.

 “The Caring Me, I Want to Be.”  This book follows a girl throughout her day as she smiles, hugs, caring words, and shows that little things can make a big difference.  Another book that 

“Have you filled a Bucket” This book encourages positive behavior as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness and appreciation?  

“The Invisible Boy” teaches how small acts of kindness can help children feel included and can help their self-esteem.  

“What Does It Mean to Be Kind?” is a book for children that talks about being proactive and not reactive and talks about the importance of kindness.

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Examples of Kindness

There are many ways that kids can be kind at home and in the community.  Some examples of how kids can be kind at home.  Kids can help with a chore or task at home such as vacuuming, doing the dishes, picking up their toys or bedroom, or doing yard work.  At home, it is important to praise and show gratitude for little acts of kindness that kids may do.  

Kids can show acts of kindness in the community.  A great way to teach children about giving to the community is by donating clothes.  They can go through lightly used clothes in their closet and donate to a local charity.  Donating toys is another way to give back and show kindness.  Bringing awareness to kids of other ways they can look for ways to give back to the community is important.  They can do yard work or chores for a neighbor or someone in the community that may need additional help.  Picking up garbage along with the sidewalk or neighborhood communities.  This helps to bring awareness to kids about protecting the environment and caring about the community they live in.


Acts of Kindness for Kids to Do at School

There are many different ways that kids can express kindness at school.  As a teacher, you can model kindness to others in front of the students.  Thanking a janitor is one way to express kindness.   Regularly thanking them for what they do for the class and school.  

Another way for kids to show acts of kindness in school is to thank staff members: teachers and other faculty members.  Expressing gratitude and thankfulness is a simple way to show kindness.  Writing a thank you card is another simple act that can mean a lot.  


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The bucket filling concept can act as a powerful classroom tool to help display acts of kindness. Kids are encouraged to “fill” buckets each day by showing kindness to someone else or when someone shows kindness to them.  

Another way to encourage kindness in school is by having activities for students to do to give to others or promote positivity.  This bracelet craft bundle is a great resource to use within your classroom.  It can be used for mothers day gifts, or special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and  St. Patrick’s Day. This pack is about promoting positivity as well as creating a learning environment for kids.  Click here to download these craft bracelets for kindness! 

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