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 Did someone say math? Addition, subtraction, multiplication, word problems, geometry, and the list goes on and on and on! Math is a HUGE subject, especially in elementary school. When we have students who are excelling or struggling, we need to supplement for both advanced and struggling learners or even those early finishers! That is where educational math games come in, of course! I have for you today the 5 MUST have educational math games to grab today and start using immediately!

5 Educational Math Games

These educational math games are so much fun students won’t even realize they are learning. 

1. Monster MATH! 

Who doesn’t love a good monster? Of course these are friendly, adorable monsters, and your students will love them! Monster math is all about fluency because fluency of our math facts makes math so much easier. If the fluency is lacking, working through word problems is even more challenging, requiring a whole lot more brain power, and then we see the frustration come out of our students. So the solution is MONSTER MATH!

Making math a game through these timed, one-minute fluency tests gives students the motivation they need to master those math facts. Monster math is for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division! They are effective and motivating, and best of all, allow students to work at their level and pace. They can keep trying again or move forward to the next list. Monster Math comes with posters to create a bulletin board display, easy to grade tests, and even a parent letter. These math printables are ready for you in my TpT store for easy use today!

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2. Doodle Challenges!

Looking for something for those creative minds in your classroom? This math activity is perfect! Doodle challenges combine math facts and doodling into a fun game! This is great for morning work or early finishers. These math printables are easy to use and are available in addition, subtraction, symmetry, fractions, and geometry! You can use this math activity all year! If you aren’t sure you need this math printable right now, take a look at one of the reviews from Megan H., “I LOVE these doodle challenges! I have a few sets of them, but I love that this one goes right along with our standards! I have some creative kiddos this year, and they are already loving these!” Grab the math doodles here!

3. SNAP Math!

Who doesn’t love some good old competition? This educational math game is fast paced and all digital! It is perfect for working in teams, working individually, or even in centers. SNAP math gives you a few numbers on the screen with an equation. Students will choose the correct numbers and make the equation correct. This math activity is super fun, and the students will love the competition aspect. This is perfect for building those fluency skills too! These are available in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. SNAP math is the perfect math activity for morning meetings, fun Friday or early finishers too. You have to grab it here today!

4. Math Crafts!

Sure, this one is not exactly a math game, but for our creative souls in our classroom, this is just as much fun. Making fact flowers or fact trees is a great way to practice fluency once again and makes for some great bulletin boards! Students will feel so much pride seeing their math work on the wall, and helps to increase that confidence in math facts every time they look up! These adorable spring flowers include addition and addition with regrouping. Fact Flowers are perfect for spring, but I also have Christmas Fact Family Trees available too! Both math activities are creative and engaging! Take a look at both math crafts here!

5. Math Scavenger Hunts!

We talked about creative souls, but what about our kinesthetic learners? We need some movement when we are learning math too! Scavenger hunts are the perfect educational math game to master those math skills but also get up and move! When you grab one of my scavenger hunts, you will be getting 10 hunts, including scavenger hunts for addition and subtraction. All 10 are different. Work on double-digit numbers, using a number line, and more! Just use the scavenger hunt, hang it up, and let the kids go! This educational math game is fun and lets the students get up and stretch their legs along with their brains. Also available is a geometry digital version where students find items that match the shape on the screen. Take a look at all of the scavenger hunts available on my TpT store and get moving in a fun math activity!

Educational math games are definitely going to be a game changer in your classroom. Give the students a different way of learning math, whether it be through competition or coloring. Grab some of the math printables and use them right away or go for the digital options and don’t even bother with the copier! Looking for some more exciting ways to review math skills? Check out this blog, Fun Ways to Practice Math Facts, and be super prepared for math review this year! I hope you use all 5 must have educational math games and let me know how it goes!