Who doesn’t love a little infusion of art? Kids love to draw, doodle, design, and create, and all of those skills are essential to growing and understanding the world around us. While many schools art cutting art programs. Teachers are looking for ways to incorporate elementary school art into the curriculums and it is a huge game-changer and incredibly motivating for many students. Read on to see some ideas for incorporating some elementary school art into your classroom today!

Elementary School Art In The Classroom: 7 Simple Ways

Art is one of those things that can easily be connected to Read on to see some ideas for incorporating some elementary school art into your classroom today!

Daily Doodles Art Challenge

Why not start with a daily doodle? Doodling really opens up our minds to thinking creatively and critically and develops problem-solving ability. Not only that, but it is hugely important for developing hand-eye coordination and helps with communication skills, too. Each daily doodle gives a challenge and an opportunity to flex those writing skills a bit too! What a perfect combo.

elementary school art -doodle


Incorporate art with reading by designing your own bookmark templates! Kids are going to love coloring the maze designs or creating their own. Use them for lessons, too. Have students annotate or take notes from their reading on them. Laminate them for the students, and they will be so proud of their art on their bookmarks. It will be so much fun, too!

Daily Doodle Activities

Doodling really is such an easy way to incorporate art into the elementary school classroom. In this activity, students will work on reading and key vocabulary as they share their creative doodles each day. It perfectly combines reading and art to make kids think they aren’t even learning! This would be great for station work and so much fun.

elementary school art -squiggles


This is one of my favorite activities to do with the students. Squiggle challenges are perfect for critical, out-of-the-box thinking. Students will use their imagination to come up with some pretty amazing ideas. Linked here is the full-year bundle, one for each month! Check out the monthly themes, try one month, or try them all. Basically, the kids will be so excited about this art-themed thinking!


How about incorporating art into science? I’ve got you covered. This super exciting activity is all about science doodles! Students really are thinking about science topics as they dive into drawing, too. Each no-prep sheet is ready for you to print and go. Even better, there is a bundle with all of the seasonal science doodle challenges ready for your whole year! Don’t let planning get you down. Above all, make sure that art is at the forefront to boost our kiddos’ self-confidence in science with these doodles!

Symmetry: Complete the Picture Doodle Challenges

Symmetry is so important in terms of our world and, of course, mathematics. This concept is about order and organization and is a pretty critical skill for our young minds to develop. Use art to learn symmetry and have a bit of fun, too! These doodle challenges have students complete the picture symmetrically. As well as, practice fine motor skills, visualization, and even how to follow directions. This is all while they are doing art!

Learn to Draw!

When it comes to art, drawing is one of the major aspects. Learning to draw with visuals is the perfect opportunity for students to work on hand-eye-coordination, fine motor skills, visualize, and follow directions. Students will love doing art in this way. This is also a great activity for early finishers or a fun Friday. In this situation, consider adding a little bit of a writing component to make a bigger impact, and this one is no-prep, too!

Elementary School Art: The Wrap Up

Altogether, art is so important to our lives. It surrounds us in everything we do. Take advantage of all the benefits art offers and really bring that love into your classroom. Art can really add an element of critical thinking and creativity to any day or lesson. Plus, easily add it to a literacy, math, or science lesson! The possibilities really are endless! In any case, I can’t wait to see all of your students blossom by incorporating some art in your elementary school classroom!