Cozy, comfy, relaxed, and simple. Yes, we are talking teacher outfits! As elementary teachers, we know that a day is full of surprises and we need to be prepared for it all. Wearing a relaxed outfit that looks professional and put together isn’t always an easy feat, but totally necessary. Follow along for some inspiration for some teacher outfits that check all the boxes!

Teaching Tees!

We all have a closet full of them! Grab those teacher tees and pair them with a cute pair of sneakers, a long skirt tucked in, some jeans, or even some joggers. You’ll look adorable, ready to teach, and be comfy all day! Here’s an Amazon link to some!

Wide-Legged Pants!

Throw on a pair of wide-legged pants and a Teacher tee, or a white t-shirt and you are dressed for the day. Grab some simple flats and you are looking the part and again, relaxed and simple! Here’s a link to a pair here!

Summer Dress and Sandals!

Another go-to outfit is a simple summer or cotton dress and your favorite pair of comfy sandals. This is the perfect amount of dressed-up for professionalism and not too hot for those warmer spring or summer days! Throw on some cute earrings, and out the door, you go! Opt for pockets for even more fun! Grab one on Amazon here!

Jeans and Chunky Sweater!

When the winter rolls in, it’s time for classic jeans and a chunky sweater look. They are perfect for teaching days. Grab a pair of cute skinny jeans, some loafers, and that perfect chunky sweater to finish the look. A simple striped t-shirt would look great underneath, and you are off to a fashionable school day.

Skinny Pants with Stretch!

These skinny pants are great for days when you need to feel a little dressy but aren’t feeling the “real” pants. These stretchy pants are perfect for feeling good and easily getting around your classroom. Pair these with a simple button-down, and you have an easy, cute outfit! Here is the link to the pants and the shirt!

Shacket and Teacher T-Shirts!

I am working back to those teacher tees with a few different additions. Throw a shacket or a chunky sweater with jeans for a great look!564321` This is perfect for working those t-shirts to keep it relaxed and easy! Here’s a link to the shacket for some cute ones! Cute tall boots are necessary for fall and winter and will bring the whole outfit together.

Mid-length Skirts!

These are perfect with a short pair of boots or some flats and any blouse you have that matches. These are professional, pretty, comfortable, and easy to move around in, making them the perfect addition to your teacher outfits! Take a look at a whole bunch of options at this link!

Utility Dresses!

One more time for the versatile dress! This type of dress is great for school and for going out after. You can dress it up with jewelry or heels or keep it casual with cute flats. Pockets are also an added plus and easy movability to keep up with those classroom moves! Here is a link to a bunch of colors!

Looking good means feeling good, and the outfits must be versatile and easy when getting dressed for elementary school teaching. Grab some of these new pieces for elementary teachers outfits to add to your wardrobe to be stylish, comfortable, and professional!

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