Your Class Needs These End Of The Year Distance Learning Activities!

Wondering how to do end-of-the-school-year games through zoom?  Wrap things up on a high note with the best end-of-the-year digital activities!

You made it through an entire school year in a pandemic.  Woo-hoo!  That’s something worth celebrating.  Probably right now you’d be planning out some sort of field trip or class picnic to close out the school year.

Just because your class is learning virtually doesn’t mean you have to just log off and be done!   You can make the last day of school activities fun via zoom.

So how do you celebrate the end of the school year virtually?

With a little creativity, but minimal planning and preparation!  Curious?

Keep reading to see how you can make the end of the school year digital activities fun for your class.

End of The Year Activity Tip 1: Pick A Theme!

Obviously, the last day of school activities will be done over Zoom.  To get your class excited, make things unique and different from your normal routine.

Get your creative juices flowing by picking a theme for your last week of school virtual activities.  Perhaps you’d normally be going on a field trip somewhere.  Why not make the field trip destination the theme for your virtual activities? 

Were you supposed to go visit a farm?  Do a farm theme!  Were you supposed to visit an aquarium?  Do an ocean theme!

Once you have a theme picked out you can start planning the last day of school digital activities around that theme.  Watch a virtual field trip.  Try an art project.  Play digital games. 

End of The Year Activity Tip 2: Explore Special Topics!

With the excitement of summer comes difficulty paying attention to regular subjects.  Still, you want to give your class as many learning opportunities right to the very end.

If you’ve wrapped up your regular curriculum introduce enriching topics that are fun to explore!  Are there topics that you know kids would love to dig into?  Make the end of the year digital learning activities fun by studying those areas.

Some things kids love to learn about include bugs or rainbows.  Anything that involves getting messy or artistic is a fave.  Anything that offers cool science experiments is great!

Exploring one-of-a-kind subjects will make the last week of school engaging for kids and a fun way to wrap up the year.

End of The Year Activity Tip 3: Make Planning Easy!

Just like kids are ready for a break you are too!  You’ve been busy planning and teaching all year long.  You might be running on empty and think planning end-of-year virtual activities sounds like a lot of work right now.

Give yourself a break and make planning easy.  How?  With made-just-for-you end-of-the-year digital theme day bundles!  All the work is done for you.

These theme day bundles are perfect for your end-of-the-year activities.  Simply pick a bundle that you know your class will love.  There’s farm day, insect day, ocean day, rainbows, and summer fun.

There’s little prep that needs to be done on your part, just follow along with the slides in the bundle!  Send the slides out to families and get them to follow along at home.

Your class will be engaged in these fun last day of school virtual activities!  Students will get a good mix of academic, movement, mindfulness, and art activities all centered around a theme.

Students will read interesting facts, listen to exciting stories, get up and moving with fun exercises and create masterpieces.

You and your students can celebrate the end of the school year virtually by dressing up to go along with the theme.  Have a costume contest!  Play show and tell with props students might have at home to go with the theme.  Have parents make a snack that matches the theme to share together over zoom.

Check out more details on these great digital theme days in my store!  If you’re not teaching virtually you can also easily use this bundle in the classroom too!

Wrap things up and have fun with your class with little prep.  End-of-the-year distance learning activities can be just as fun as in-person learning!