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Are you looking to fill those last few days before summer vacation? Do you need low prep and something exciting and creative for all that end-of-the-year energy? End-of-the-Year Sports Craftivities are going to be the perfect addition to your end-of-the-year activities! Students are just going to love creating this sports-related craft to commemorate their year! Pre-K all the way to 6th grade are provided in the templates for you and are perfect for every age! Soccer, bowling, baseball, tennis, football, and basketball are all included in a variety of options for your students to choose from! This end of the year craft is a great way to end the year! Yours is available here today.

End of the Year Craft (Sports Edition)

The End-of-the-Year Sports Craftivities include everything you need to have a “ball” of fun as you finish out your school year. Students will pick from ball craft parts for soccer, bowling, baseball, tennis, football, and basketball. There will be bodies, eyes, bow ties, and hair bows too! You can print on colored paper for kids or have kids color their choice of sports ball! 

An option for baseball and tennis is printing them on colored paper and then using a red crayon and a white crayon to color lines on the balls! The football craft is a little more challenging and comes with sections for the students to cut out and assemble! 

Of course, the writing parts are differentiated for all learners! The round writing templates come in 3 different line variations. They also come with space for a picture or an option for no picture! The football shape comes in 3 different line variations also! The labels for Pre-K, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and sixth grade are included! I can always add another grade level if needed! 

End of the Year Craft Reflection!

Ending the year is always bittersweet for our students. We have built a little family and have really gotten to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We have grown tremendously and are excited about the future of each of our students. 

Our students will benefit from taking time to get some closure on the year. Moving from one school year to the next is sometimes difficult for our young students and using an end-of-the-year craft like this one gives students the perfect way to think about all of their growth from the year and add closure to the journey of the year. 

This reflection truly sets up students for the next year, the goal setting moving forward, and future successes! The Sports Craft is also a ton of fun and perfect for helping students to move forward!

Reflecting on the year and preparing for the next is so critical for closure for our students. Working with students on one final project is going to be so rewarding and powerful for students moving on to the next grade. Not to mention, this one is a lot of fun and students will be super excited to pick out the ball they want to use, it is differentiated in terms of writing and fine motor skills, and is going to make for a great bulletin board too! Make sure to get your copy of End-of-the-Year Sports Craftivities and have a “ball of fun” with your students as the year comes to a close! It is easy to get a copy of here today!

I’ve got an end of the year memory book if you are interested. You can read more about it here.