end of the year memory books

Who’s excited about summer vacation? Yes, it is hard to say goodbye to those little families we have created over the last 10 months, but that sunshine is calling our names! If you are looking for something to really celebrate the year you have had with your students, the End-of-the-Year Memory Books for Pre-K to 6th grade are the perfect ending to a stellar year! These books are a great way for you and your students to remember the year fondly and parents will be so excited to have a book of memories to save! If you’re like me, most school work doesn’t get saved, but an end-of-the-year book would definitely stay on the bookshelf with the yearbooks! Don’t waste any more time and grab your copy of End-of-theYear Memory Books here today or read on for more details about these super fun books!


We’re not talking just a worksheet with a cover! These End-of-the-Year Memory Books are packed with fun. There are cover pages for grades Pre-K all the way to 6th grade and are full of pages to personalize. Students are really going to have a blast going down memory lane with these activities. There are pages about the school, friends, an all-about me page, and of course a page just about their teacher! You know you can’t resist those adorable portraits students draw of you! As our students get older, the portraits really do show a great resemblance to us and are such a great way to celebrate the year together. 20 pages included! 

Smart Cookie!

Even more, there are pages for remembering classmates, favorites, and even a school birthday! Best of all though is the chance for students to reflect on their year and tell why they are a smart cookie! Reflection is such an important skill for children. When children reflect, they not only practice remembering, but also questioning, investigating, explaining, sharing, and revisiting. These are hugely important skills for our young learners to have for both school and life. Reflecting is a huge part of self-awareness and that helps students to be more open-minded and expands student ability to see different perspectives. Students will fill in why they are a “Smart Cookie” and still be learning valuable skills as they end the year with you!

Another hugely reflective piece for students is doodles for all of the learning that has happened this year! There are reading doodles, math doodles, writing doodles science, and social studies too! The reflection aspect of this project is huge! Of course, there are also some sections for favorite foods this year, and even favorite memories for recess. There are so many pages for students to reflect on!

Future Me!

Another aspect of the memory book is looking toward the future! Sometimes saying goodbye is tough and by thinking about the good memories to come, students will remember to be excited about the future and not sad about the past! Students have a page in the book all about how awesome next year will be! Of course, there is also the autograph page, which kids can’t resist. This project is going to be so much fun!

The end of the year is certainly bittersweet as we say goodbye to our students we have truly enjoyed all year. Students will have all of the emotions as they move on to the next grade, say goodbye to friends, and of course their teachers. Keep a copy of the end-of-the year memory book for yourself, so you can also reflect and remember the joys of the year! Pair it with your class picture to look back on each year! Grab your copy of the End-of-theYear Memory Books activity today and print and go! With a very small amount of prep, just print and go, and you will be celebrating the end of the year in style! Can’t wait to hear all about the memories we made this year and hope you do too! Get your copy here!