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Are you looking for some easy practice with following step-by-step directions? Are you looking for something no-prep, easy-to-use, and fun for the kiddos? Well, you have found the right place! Following directions is a crucial skill for our young students to learn and practice all year long. Let’s take it to the next level with a printable. Thompson’s Teachings Following Directions printables are perfect for kids to train their brains to pay attention to those small details, and of course to read carefully! The printables incorporate a little drawing and art too! The Following Directions printables are perfect for brain breaks, substitute days, indoor recess, testing time, morning work, free choice, and more! Keep reading for some more insight into this perfect activity for following directions!

Following Directions: The Details

Students must be able to read, and work in a step-by-step manner! It is excellent practice for one day of building that incredibly difficult Ikea shelf! These printables are much more grade-appropriate than those shelf directions though! They really are a perfect fit for our K-2 students. Each set of directions printable is a no-prep printable, with steps at the top for kids to follow. Students simply follow the steps at the top to create the correct picture at the bottom. Easy peasy!

Why Following Directions?

The skill of following directions is critical for developing the ability of processing information, and to learn new topics. It is even linked to an increase in academic grades. Following directions helps students refine their attention to detail. We know that can be a struggle for some of our young students! Following directions also builds receptive language skills, reasoning skills, and even verbal skills, if students explain what they did to a partner or teacher. Following directions is a life skill and all of our students must have it! This bundle is a really fantastic easy way to make sure our kids are getting enough practice reading and following directions to influence their success in the future!

20 No-Prep Following Directions Printables

The bundle has 20 different themed printables for practice. Make your work even easier now by simply printing and watching the magic happen! Allison M. gave it 5 stars and said, “Another great resource! My kiddos love completing these for morning work and it is a wonderful practice for them to read directions independently!” Independently being able to follow directions and show their understanding has a huge impact on their learning.

Diving Deeper

Let’s dive a little deeper into the printables. Each set of directions will match the pictures below it. Students will color using specific colors, write their names, and draw something specific! Kids will love the game-like nature they use to correctly complete the activity. They won’t even realize they are learning!  Bright Smiles is all about dental hygiene and is a great example of what the students will be doing! Check it out! Each printable will have 6 directions for students to follow and some adorable images too!

Other themes include having fun, bouncing balls, dinner, bugs, dinner, and even sweaters for that sweater weather time of the year!

One day our kiddos will need to follow baking recipes, solve multistep math problems, or even follow steps to a successful science experiment. Moving forward with an activity like following directions is such an incredible foundational skill to ensure our students are prepared for the future! Make sure to grab your bundle today and you’ll have enough for the whole year!

Can’t wait to hear how your students do with the Following Directions printables and how easy it is for you to print and go! Grab the bundle here today!

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