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Science is so much fun! Learning about the life cycles of all different creatures is such an exciting unit for our students. Make it even more fun with a craftivity! Learning about a frog’s life cycle is such a staple lesson for students and the visual aspect is perfect for visual learners! Creating the life cycle flipbook of a frog’s life with this craftivity is going to be a huge hit with your class. Combine this with a little bit of writing, too, and of course, this can be a perfect bulletin board to share too! Grab your Frog Life Cycle Craft here today!

Why Frogs?

The life cycle of a frog truly is fascinating! Besides just being really cool, learning about the frog’s life cycle also helps our little learners start to understand the idea of the circle of life. It helps students to visualize how tadpoles hatch out of eggs, grow legs, lose their tails, and leave the water to become adult frogs! Not only are the students working on developing the idea of biology, but they will also be learning new vocabulary, building their understanding of sequencing, and even counting through the life cycle steps. Besides, this is a standard in most elementary curriculums!

The Frog Life Cycle Craft

Give students the opportunity to create their own visual demonstration of knowledge with a flipbook and an adorable frog life cycle craft to boot! Students will make the frog life cycle craft by coloring and cutting, or you can provide the completed frog for them. There are also leveled writing pages included. The writing pages are differentiated for all student needs. Students will cut the pages out, put them in the correct order, staple their covers to the top, and glue their frogs on top! Then students will have fun flipping through the different life cycle stages!

What’s Included?

This pack is loaded with a whole bunch of options for all learners! Craft Version 1 includes the frog page topper. Kids will color and cut out the frog! Craft version 2 has the students color, cut, and assemble the frog! What a great way to practice putting the parts together! Craft version 3 has students take each part on white paper to color, or colored paper to cut and go! The bundle also includes two front cover options and the lily pad flower!


Writing is so important. Not only will students be learning science, but they will also be practicing those sequence writing skills. The writing pages included are also differentiated and include 4 different versions too! Version 1 has the students simply add stage titles, add a fact, and then put them in order. Writing version 2 has students add a fact for each stage and put them in order. Version 3 has students do all of it themselves! They can label, decorate and add their own personality while sharing the information required! Lastly, version 4 has students draw each stage, add a fact, and then put them in order! Differentiate among your class and have each student feel successful and confident, challenged, and empowered by the options available!

Learning about the frog life cycle is certainly one of those lessons that stay with children as they grow throughout the elementary years. Make it even more powerful with this craftivity and flipbook! Students will remember this one for years to come and it is low prep on your end! Choose your versions, print, and go! Hang these up for parent conferences so all of the parents can see fine motor skills, writing growth, and personality all wrapped up into one great project. You can get your copy here today!

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