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Silly, wacky, goofy, grammar fun! That’s right, grammar can be fun! Build student vocabulary, get silly, and make an impact on student understanding of adjectives! Describing something with accuracy is a critical skill. Our kiddos’ command of language in reading and writing is huge in elementary school. Adjective stories are the perfect blend of Mad-Lib-like stories and creativity to increase learning and word choice development. Learning parts of speech, especially adjectives is an impressive skill to build so why not do it by having some fun with adjective activities like adjective stories! 

 When I can use them?

Adjective Stories are perfect for all different times in the school year. Adjective Stories can be used during center time, station times, morning work, or even altogether as a group! Adjective Stories are themed and there are enough bundles for the whole year. Don’t just do adjective activities once a year, continuously build vocabulary and understanding of the English language with this fun activity.

 What is the benefit?

Working with partners is a great way to build classroom community and collaboration. Students can work together as partners to build their adjective stories and share them with the class. One partner asks their partner for 18-19 adjectives and as they say the adjectives, the student fills in the lines with their answers. Students won’t read the stories until all of the adjectives are filled in the blanks! The laughter will be contagious in the room when the students start reading their hilarious stories. What better way to understand how adjectives work and also build some new ideas for how to describe different things! Partners can then draw an extra silly picture of their story and that laughter may be even more outrageous!

What options are available?

Adjective Stories are available for back-to-school, fall, spring, winter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and even the end of the year! They are available individually or bundled for the whole year. Adjective stories are a must-have in your toolbox to spice up student writing, and increase the fun during class!

 The bundle is available here and if you want to take a look at all of the adjective stories available, here is the link! I can’t wait to hear how much your students love working on their adjective stories!