fun friday activities

Can you hear the laughter? Learning and fun go hand in hand and after working through some tough curriculum during the week, our students deserve some Fun Friday activities to keep their brains motivated to keep learning! Read on for some of the best Fun Friday ideas for your classroom to use on your next Fun Friday!

First up is Theme Days! Who doesn’t love a good theme? When students are engaged in a true theme, they have so much fun! Turn your classroom into an ocean full of ocean creatures or fill the room with black lights for a fun glow day! How about Dinosaur Day or 100th day theme day (which is digital too!) Of course, there is Valentine’s, Monsters, and even Thankful Fun Theme Day! Check all of the theme days available here for easy use today or for one of your next Fun Friday activities!

valentines day fun friday activities

How about some Doodle Challenges? Squiggle doodle challenges help students have fun and get into really thinking creatively. Visualizing and doodling are other great resources for reading comprehension and are so much fun for the students! Doodle challenges help students with reading, writing, and vocabulary too, but of course, the students will have a blast while doing it! These are perfect for Fun Friday!

Zoom It!

is an excellent Fun Friday game! Kids will be begging to play this one each week! They will have a blast with this inference-based game. Students will look at a zoomed-in image to figure out what it is first! There is EYE Zoom It games that focus on just an eyeball and Halloween-themed ones too! Plus, there is I NOSE you that focuses on noses only! There is also a Winter-themed Zoom It available too! Grab them all right away here to use on your next Fun Friday!

Picture Study

is a  digital game that focuses on how well your kids can memorize the big and small details from a picture! How close were you paying attention? What color shoes was the boy wearing? Do you remember what was in the girl’s hand? This game of memory will bring big smiles to your kids and give their brains a workout! It will get the brains working and kids excited about Fun Friday!

Read My Brain

is so much fun! This is a spin on the classic game of Guess Who? Students answer yes or no questions to determine what the mystery picture might be! This is a great game for generating questions, using the process of elimination, and using clues to determine an answer! No prep, and is perfect for Fun Friday!

Shadow Mystery

is another really cool game for Fun Friday! Kids will love solving these shadow mysteries! Keep your kids actively engaged in a fun, new way! Shadow Mysteries are super fun to incorporate into Light and Sound Units, too! They are simple to do by displaying a picture of a shadow on the slide. The kids have to study the picture to figure out what created the shadow. Grab it today!


Who doesn’t love a good game of trivia? These trivia games are perfect for students! The trivia games are no prep and are ready to go today! Simply display a trivia question and have kids answer! Kids can show answers with their fingers, write their choice on a whiteboard, hold up a card, hop their answer, whisper their answers, or even say the answers in different voices! Fun Friday will not be the same because kids love trivia!

Fun Friday just got a whole lot better with this list of Fun Friday activities for your classroom to be used as soon as possible! Don’t wait. Grab all of them today and be ready for Fridays all year!