Holiday craft ideas show a bulletin board that says our class is merry and bright

Use your students Christmas spirit to your advantage this holiday season. Try out these fun holiday crafts and activity ideas and make learning fun. Here we have the best writing crafts, math crafts, bulletin board ideas, and more for your elementary class.

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Holiday Crafts

We love seasonal bulletin boards here and Christmas time is one of our favorite time of the year too. So here we are sharing our favorite bulletin board ideas for Christmas.

Bulletin Board Ideas

One of our favorite Christmas bulletin board ideas is our class is merry and bright which celebrates the uniqueness of our class. In addition, students will complete a writing task. This gives your students an opportunity to show off their writing to the entire school. To learn more about this merry and bright craft click here.

Another favorite holiday bulletin board of ours is a reindeer theme.  This reindeer craft has a non fiction twist where students will complete research on real reindeer. First of all, students will fill out a form on reindeer facts. Next, students will complete the printable reindeer craft. This also makes a great holiday bulletin board too. Click here to download this fun reindeer activity

Another favorite bulletin board is our Santa Jaws. It is popular with the primary aged students. This craft activity has boy and girl sharks, a banner for your bulletin board display, and a writing template. For this writing activity students will write their wish lists of items. Snag this Santa Jaws bulletin board here!

December Crafts

Not only do we have fun bulletin board crafts we also have fun holiday crafts and ideas for the month of December too.

Decem-BEAR Craft and Activity

The Decem-BEAR craft is a class favorite. First, students will bring their favorite teddy bear to school for a teddy bear theme day. Next, the entire day is planned out for you with this teddy bear day guide.  From the morning work to crafts and activities everything you need for a teddy bear day in December is right here for you. For more information and an inside look at this theme day and holiday craft set click here.

Christmas Tree Fact Family Craft

Lastly, we love this holiday tree fact family craft. This is a fun way to practice fact families during the month of December. To begin, print out each tree, star, and stump on the correct colored paper. Next, place at a math center and let your students craft up some fact families. What I love about this one is that students can create several different fact families at one time. Also, you can use this all month long because there are so many different fact families to practice! Check out this fact family craft here.

In conclusion, this is just the start of our many holiday craft activities we have in store for you. To check out the full listing of holiday crafts and other holiday activities click here! We hope you enjoy these fun magical moments with your class.