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Jingle bells, oh, jingle bells! The holiday season is approaching! Teachers spend so much time with our kiddos, and showing our appreciation during the holiday season is absolutely wonderful, but sometimes, we struggle to know what a teacher would actually like as a gift. Here is a list of holiday gift ideas for teachers that are super easy. Teachers will love them, and no stress! Holiday gift ideas for teachers are going to be easy peasy this year! 

Let’s start with some personalized options! A few websites are available for anything personalized, but lots of local moms and local businesses will have personalized products available, too, making this idea even better! Of course, there is always Amazon, too. 

Holiday Gift Ideas For Teachers

Teachers often have to share supplies, classrooms, and ideas. Giving teachers something personalized will make them feel proud to be your child’s teacher. And give them something that is unique to them! Here are a few holiday gift ideas for teachers below.

Personalized Notepad or Stamp

Getting a note from the teacher happens often! Teachers will love a notepad that has their name on it so you always know who the note is from, and saves teachers a little time! Stamps are great, too! Teachers love efficiency. Personalized stamps that say, “Mrs. Thompson loves this!” are a perfect addition to a teacher’s toolbox of supplies. Amazon has some, too! Take a look here for notepads and here for stamps!

Personalized Tote Bag

Teachers carry a ton of stuff in and out of school each day. A personalized tote bag would be an excellent choice for teachers to carry those papers back and forth or even to carry their lunch! Here’s a link to Amazon to check one out!

Personalized Coffee Cup

Do you know your kiddos’ teachers love their morning coffee or tea? Then this is a super fun gift! Get them a fun, personalized teacher coffee tumbler. These really do make teachers feel special and appreciated. Here is another Amazon link for this one!

Gift Card, Anyone?

Teachers are human and love a good gift card. Often, these are more appreciated than anything else and an easy win for the gift givers! Here are some ideas!

Donors Choose

Many teachers have projects waiting to be funded on the website Donor’s Choose. This platform allows teachers to put up projects that they want for students. Think iPads, a class set of books, or supplies for a science project. The project ideas are endless, and teachers jump for joy when their project is funded, so why not give a gift card to help their project dreams come true? Here’s a link to check it out!

Amazon Gift Card

Yup, teachers love Amazon, too! They may use it for classroom supplies or even boxes of tissues! Amazon is always a great choice for educators as there are endless amounts of items that Amazon has, from new teacher t-shirts to markers and reward stickers! Here’s a link to grab one!

latte gift card- holiday gift ideas for teachers

Coffee Gift Card

Another fan favorite is the Starbucks or Dunkin Gift Card! These are totally a perfect gift for teachers. They can grab their favorite drink or even a quick breakfast on the go when they’re running late to work one day. Teachers have many open tabs in their brains, and sometimes a pick-me-up is a nice treat. You can use a cute card like “Thanks a Latte” (one is linked here), or you can even just email a gift card! Check Dunkin’s out here!

How about a book?

There are some great options when it comes to getting a teacher a book as a gift! You could always go the Barnes and Noble gift card route, or you can do something a little more personalized. Do you know the teachers’ favorite author? Grab a new edition. Or get one of the fill-in books. Take a look at the one linked here. Teachers love to hear from their students, and student notes, thoughts, or cards are often the best kind of gift! Another option is buying a new book for the teacher to use in the classroom! Often teacher use their own money to purchase read-alouds and this could be a great opportunity to share your child’s favorite book with the teacher to use in class!

Looking for something a little more creative?

Another really cool gift idea is the Plant Your Pencil by Sprout Pencils and Plants! If you have a teacher in your life who is passionate about the environment, this is the perfect gift for them! Each pencil turns into a seed when the pencil becomes too small to use! This is a great gift for teachers and would be a lot of fun as a class project too. Check out the collection on Amazon here!

plant pencils- holiday gift ideas for teachers

Looking for practical?

Any teacher would love a Stanley! These cups have become somewhat of a teacher trademark and the color options are endless. Teachers will only have to fill their Stanely once a day with water saving them precious time and of course, they will feel really appreciated with this gift! Amazon has them here!

Teachers are definitely excited about some holiday gifts, but they don’t expect anything so remember it really is the thought that counts! A nice handwritten card is always something special too. I hope you found some really great ideas and can’t wait to see what your holiday gifts for your kiddos’ teachers are this year! 

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