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Stay warm and toasty while completing these “cool” snow day-themed activities with your kiddos in your classroom. Perfect to use virtually or in the classroom. This activity set involves little to no prep and is loaded with fun challenges, activities, centering on those cold, icy crystals! While you may have some ideas on how you’re going to use it in your classroom, allow me to share some other excellent ways you can implement it from one year to the next!  This may help  keep things fresh and fun for all!

Snow Themed Party

Perfect to kick off winter break, you can make the day about snow rather than holiday-themed activities. Super simple for parents to follow. You can send home a list of supplies they’ll need to have ready a week in advance. Set up a schedule and take a break from traditional school work! After all, winter is certainly something to celebrate!

Snow Play Day Centers

If your district allows kiddos to play in the snow after a big haul. Or if you have permission to take your grade level out to play in small groups, the activities in this winter fun pack are perfect to keep little minds and hands busy while waiting for their turn! It’s also great if you have students in person and students online simultaneously. Kids at home aren’t missing out on snow fun and can still feel like they’re involved while the in person students go out to play.

iPad with directions and a child writing a word in fake snow.
iPad with polar bear yoga program

Attendance or Behavior Incentives

Virtual learning can be hard to motivate students to attend live classes and complete their classwork in a timely manner. Behavior can also be off from time to time given the current circumstances. Why not offer some activities as an incentive, making students earn a special snow related treat? 

Select a winter month and spell out the word “SNOW” or “WINTER” (or even “WONDERLAND” for older students). If they are displaying excellent online/in person behavior, or have perfect attendance, they recieve a letter. Once they spell the word of your choice, it’s party time with some (or all) or some fun activities.

Surprise! Subs Can Be Fun

Allow a sick day to turn into a fun day for your students and the sub. A welcome change to worksheets, the snow day pack (along with many others that I offer) is easy for a sub to implement on your day off. Simply slide directions into your sub plans and allow the easy to follow slides to take your students from one activity to the next!

Twenty Minutes of Reading Fun

Students, big and small, should read for at minimum, 20 minutes each day. Shake things up a bit and make silent reading seem more fun by utilizing the snow scene included in the activity pack, which plays calming music and promotes relaxation. Encourage them to dim the lights, snuggle up with a blanket, a good book, and a warm drink at home. If you have in-person students, surprise them with a warm cup of cocoa to enjoy during the read.

little girl reading a snow day story while following along on a iPad
iPad showing a drawing winter activity

Stop Everything and Draw

Are your kiddos getting a case of the giggles and wiggles during class? Sometimes, as teachers, we know we need to read the cues and give it up (or at least take a quick break). The drawing activities are awesome to have on a slide standby to encourage a brain break and foster some winter themed creativity!

Whether you choose to implement this pack in its entirety for a special class party, break it up into segments to use throughout winter, present it to parents to keep kids busy during traditional snow days, or even purchase it for emergency sick days. Consider some tips and tricks above to ensure your students have hands on, fun, and snow filled experience from your classroom or the comfort of their own home!

Grab you Snow Day Themed Pack HERE!

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