fun writing prompts shows a journal with writing prompts off to the side

When it comes to writers workshop are your kids bored and spending most of the time unable to come up with a writing topic? I totally understand this problem and it is why I have created these fun 100 journal prompts to use with elementary students! These low prep printables are exactly what you need to increase writing and less staring off into space.

                               Download these writing prompts here!

How To Use These Journal Prompts

These writing prompts are super easy to use. First of all, print out the writing prompts and cut into strips. Next, place the prompts at a writing center or the writing area of your room. Then, after a mini lesson on writing skills allow your students to either free write or grab one of these prompts to write about. In addition to allowing kids to grab a prompt you can also have the entire group write on the same prompt in their writing journals. Learn more here.

Simple to use writing activities! Need your students to practice creative writing? In comes….100 Journal Prompts! Each prompt can be cut out and easily glued into reading journals or composition notebooks.

The perfect writing activity for early finishers, journal jars, Writer’s Workshop, and more!

If you are tired of searching for unique prompts, you will absolutely love these! They are perfect to engage your kiddos during whole group, guided writing, or independent writing times.

⭐️  What’s Included

  • 20 sets of journal prompts- 5 per page (total of 100 prompts)

These prompts are great for independent or early finisher work but are also great prompts to discuss a class during morning meetings, to complete as a morning work prompt, or to have students answer orally. Incorporate these slips into your Writer’s Workshop or Daily 5 for a quick low prep writing activity! Grab these writing prompts and activities today here!