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Stations are such a fun way to engage students in learning. They really encompass so many different activities and challenges for students to show off their learning! Students are able to work independently or in pairs and have a ton of ownership over what stations they are completing and the order in which they complete them. Students love station work too. It allows students to move freely around the room and engage in activities they enjoy. Running learning stations is pretty easy with a few tips. Read on to see how to run learning stations in your classroom!


Step 1: Find a Space!

Before you begin station work, space is critical. If you have a rainbow table or a small group area, those are great spaces for setting up your stations. Make sure you have room for all of the stations and room for the kiddos too! If you have a large enough classroom you could even set the learning stations up around the room. That way if multiple children or groups finish at the same time they are not all crowded around one area. 

Step 2: Learning Station Supplies!

Next, you have to set up your actual stations. Grab your trays to put your handouts in for the station and use a sign holder to fit the title of the station in seamlessly.  In my Amazon store, you can grab the ones I use. They are pretty cool because the signs fit right into the tray with the handouts making it organized! Grab the sign holders here and the trays here from my Amazon storefront!

Take the magnetic pouches and set them up with all of the extra activities for the day so students know where to look to find them! If you like these pouches, grab them here! Pull materials like dice or other manipulatives or materials you need and simply place them next to the station. Take a few minutes to hang up the scavenger hunt around the room so that is ready!

Step 3: Begin!

Before the students arrive, I set out headbands to color with simple sentence strips for morning work and students get an idea of the type of station work we will be doing today! Before kiddos start their stations, I go over the directions for each station. Students are given their challenge booklet which is printed double-sided to keep track of all of the stations they complete. Students do not have to go in chronological order for the learning stations. They can skip around. 

When they complete a learning station they put a star (or you can use star stickers) next to the station number in the booklet! There are usually a bunch of stations so I tell students to do the best they can to complete them but do not tell them to do all of them! Any activity sheets that they complete just get put right inside their booklets for safekeeping!

That’s it! Stations are a great way to review, engage kiddos in something unique and creative, and have a lot of fun in elementary school! If you are looking to get started with stations, take a look at all of the learning stations I have available and ready to use here! Want to grab the bundle? It is available here! Check out my Instagram too for even more on stations @Thompsonsteachings!


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