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Are you searching for no prep, easy, ready to go printables right now? Look no further. Fun, printable, learning worksheets are here! Sometimes we just need printables made for us, for all of those early finishers, fast finishers, fun Fridays, or even morning work. Be prepared for the random sick day, or the “I am running late and have no plans, day!” We’ve all been there! Read on for some options for quick, no prep, just print-and-go, fun learning worksheets to use right now!

5 Learning Worksheets Your Students Will Love

No teacher or student loves busy work! Students know that it is just to keep them quiet, and teachers do not want to grade it! So here are some learning worksheets that your students will absolutely love completing! 

Early Finishers Packets

You know you have those students that are done quickly and correctly. Give them some time to engage their brains in puzzles, mazes, comic making, math activities, drawing, pencil tracing, various challenges, mindful coloring, and more! These packets are perfect for so many students! Directions are, of course, included! This particular bundle has over 280 printable activities! Seriously, this bundle is a must have in any classroom! Looking for more ideas for early finishers? Check out this other blog on the topic!

Monthly, Seasonal Bundles!

Who doesn’t love a good theme? These printables are available for different months and are themed seasonally! Math, reading, and writing activities are all included! They are truly perfect for elementary school. They of course include coloring, and more too! Grab these unique monthly bundles for a no prep, easy to use printable for morning work for each month! Available all together or individually here!

Finish the Drawing

Students will be begging for these printables! Allow students to think creatively and outside the box with these finish the drawing, squiggle activities. Start with a line and make it into something exciting and creative. These are so much fun and not to mention learning to think outside the box is truly an important thinking task for elementary students. This bundle includes 75 squiggle doodle challenges! A perfect, no prep printable! Find it here.

Science Doodle Challenges!

Looking for something to enrich your science curriculum within your classroom but need it to be low prep and easy to use? Science doodle challenges are perfect. Examples include drawing and labeling bugs, doodling, and labeling things plants need to grow. You have to take a look at this one, especially if you are looking for something for science! Here’s the link.

Free Printable Websites

Of course, there are some other wonderful websites out there with quick printables for all subjects that are available and ready for you to use today too! Worksheetfun.com works nicely for all grades and all subjects. Grab some math, alphabet, critical thinking, and even some dot-to-dot worksheets ready for you too! Another website with free printables is Education.com, which includes sight words, counting, finding the differences, and a whole lot more!

Fun printables make a huge difference in student engagement either in morning work or if they finish early, or maybe for specific lessons! We all have those days when we need quick, no-prep learning worksheets, so grab some from above and be prepared every day!

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