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Warm-ups are needed for exercise so why not warm up one of our biggest muscles, our brain? Students will benefit tremendously from using Mathematic Warm-ups before beginning new math concepts in school. Math is a spiraling subject and each unit builds upon another. Due to the spiraling nature, of course, a warm-up with a review of math concepts is needed! Make it more fun and easy for you, with daily warm-up problems that are ready for you to use right now. These activities are a fun way to ignite students’ learning of current, past, and future math topics every day! Read on to find out about fun morning meeting Math Warm Ups and how to use them!

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Math in the morning?

Math warm-ups are the perfect addition to morning meetings to get those brains activated. Warm-ups help students think about the math concepts for the day, the day before, a week before, or the unit before. Reviewing with warm-ups helps to build on those skills needed for future units! This is a great opportunity to get the kids talking too.

Is Math After Snack Time?

Perfect! Use math warm-ups during snacks to maximize learning time for a “snack and chat,” math style! Using Digital Warm Ups will make your transitions simple, successful, and meaningful. A little food feeds the brain!

Is Math Your Last Unit of the Day?

You definitely need some warm-ups to keep the routine of learning alive, even at the end of the day! Don’t let those minds get tired. Spiral that review to keep learning! Engaging students at the end of the day is a tough feat, but by challenging their brains to keep learning with some math warm ups will encourage engagement!

This pack of Math Warm Ups has 185 slides, all aligned to First Grade Common Core Standards. Yup, the entire year is covered! Get those students chatting up a math storm and collaborating over new and old math concepts. Keep the math warm-up routine all year for easy transitions and to build elementary students’ natural ability to talk about math! Math games are fun and all but these math warm ups are going to be so easy and fun to implement right away in your classroom. Ready to grab it now? Here’s the link!