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Oogly, googly, wild, whacky, and fun! That’s right, we’re talking monsters today! Bring monsters to life and have the best, most fun theme day yet! This Day will be a day to remember, and the kiddos will be begging for more! It will be one of those theme days you will bring back every year, and this bundle has everything ready for a jam-packed day of learning! This Monster Theme Day is a must-have so read on to find out everything you need to know to have a monster of a day!

Monster Theme Day Stations!

Monster Theme Day will be the best day ever! Included are the stations: Monster Math, Monster Headbands, Monster Sticker Stories or Sentences, Eyeball Reading, and, Monster Match-up: Write the Room! There is so much to do to fill the whole day with fun activities. Take a look at this review from Ashley, “This was a great room transformation. It was fun and engaging. The students loved the activities. I love that this includes all content subjects. We had enough for about a week of activities!” These are a must-have because these stations are just the beginning!

Monster Theme Day Decor

Stations are perfect for learning, but this is the ultimate bundle. There are even resources and inspiration to decorate your room! You will find pictures and ideas for the room transformation, so don’t worry if you’re not sure where to begin! Even better, there is a detailed shopping list with links to click, buy, and decorate! There are printable banners, signs, and wall decor too. Take a look at the link here to check out some of the fun items to help make this day a huge success.

Even More Monster Day!

Once you have the decor down, it’s time to inform the parents! Included are parent notes to let parents know the fun you will be having while learning. But it wouldn’t be Monster Day without something for the kids to show off their monster style! Using the Monster Day Wristbands, the kiddos will be showing them off all day long. There are also website links ready to use, extension links, and even 2 Monster-Themed Brain Breaks to use!

More Learning, of course!

This day and the activities are a ton of fun, but the learning will be so rewarding too! Besides the stations, included is a list of books to keep students engaged in an exciting monster read-aloud! There is a full lesson plan and project with Monster Adjectives, Monsters Double Facts STEM Challenge, and morning work too! Early finishers? No problem! Mazes, extra math, word practice and so much more are included.


Who doesn’t love a good bonus? There is Monster Draw and 2 templates for a class book to remember the day! Monster Day Memories, is so adorable, and another STEM challenge that accompanies the book How to Catch a Monster, where students build a monster trap! With all of these bonuses, Monster Theme Day lasts all day or maybe even two days. 

I can’t wait to see your room transform into Monsters! The kiddos are going to have such a blast and really get into all of these activities! It will absolutely be a day to remember! Please tag me @thompsonsteachings on Instagram to see all of your transformations! I can’t wait to see all of the fun you and your students have with Monster Theme Day!

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