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Looking for some Mother’s Day gift ideas for your classroom? Celebrating all of the women in our lives is an important part of growing up. Mother’s Day is special for our young students and creating an opportunity for them to celebrate the important women in their lives is so special. Mother’s Day gifts are perfect for moms, grandmas, aunts, cousins, sisters, and more. Make something super easy, inexpensive, but exceptionally meaningful for all of your students this Mother’s Day. This super special and personalized Mother’s Day Bracelet and Card! Ready for yours now? Click here!

Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day gift bracelets are super easy to create and so personal for students. It also is perfect for practicing character traits and character actions. Included in the purchase are two versions! One requires a few extras like pipe cleaners and beads. The other is a heart coloring activity. With both versions, the kids choose special colors for the project. They then make a key connecting each color to a special character trait. They can also choose to do an act of service. These traits or acts of service all center around their moms or the women they love in their life.This is extra special and fun for the students to reflect on the reasons they love those women. It also helps them to think critically and creatively about character traits and actions.

What’s Included?

Even more, there are links to books about Mother’s Day to help plan a whole unit around Mother’s Day. A full lesson plan to use right away is also included! There are also anchor charts perfect for guiding students in using the character traits and actions, already created for you! Even more, the Mother’s Day Bracelets include 3 different bracelet organizers for 3 different choices of cover design. All 3 bracelet organizers are in a folding card form so students have a card completed too! If students are only completing the hearts and not the bracelet, they will also color 5 different colors and create a key to describe what each color means.

Why Celebrate?

Kids are so excited to celebrate Mother’s Day and may not have an opportunity to create something for their loved ones, if not in school. Give students this opportunity with a low-prep activity that aligns with reading standards! Mother’s Day is celebrated in all different parts of the world too! Make a unit around where Mother’s Day is celebrated and celebrate learning about different cultures! The holiday really is special and all about respect and honor, which are incredible to celebrate! Instilling these qualities of admiration in our students is of utmost importance and this is just one more way students will see the importance of celebrating honor and love toward the women in their lives. Along with all of this, children can express themselves in words and all of the families will be so excited to see what their children have created!

A Mother’s Day gift in a form of bracelets and cards is such an incredible project to share the joy and love students have for their mothers and women in their lives. This is a great project to do every year and is low prep, easy to find the supplies for (who doesn’t have pipe cleaners?) and families will be so thrilled with the outcomes! Mother’s Day Bracelets and Cards are so meaningful and really show how much students care. Don’t wait. Grab your set of Mother’s Day Bracelets, Cards, and More today so you have a project for every May when Mother’s Day rolls around!