the best craft idea for classrooms shows a picture of a cookie made out of paper and written student accomplishment

Stop searching for fun ways to display your student’s accomplishments and instead snag this smart cookie craft idea today! Easily use this craft idea in your classroom for a cute bulletin board display and a wall of accomplishments.

                       Download this bulletin board craft idea here!

How To Use This Craft

At the beginning of the year we are all setting up student goals and begin to measure their growth. Use this classroom craft idea to motivate your students to reach the goals they set right from the start. Once your class has reached a certain goal, then allow students to complete this one smart cookie craft idea. Next, display this outside the classroom to allow the entire school to read on how each student has accomplished their goal. Furthermore, you can always bring in some cookies for the class and have a small party to celebrate their accomplishments. Snag it here!

This low prep Smart Cookie craft is great for celebrating the student successes at the end of the school year or anytime of year! These smart cookie crafts were inspired by the best selling book, The Smart Cookie by Jory John. Kids will write about something they are proud of and/or something that makes them feel like one smart cookie! Please download the preview for a FULL LOOK at exactly what is included.

What is included:

-Smart Cookie craft parts *print onto colored paper for kids or have kids color

-Writing templates—Official Smart Cookie Award- different line variations included

-Templates with blank space/no lines also provided.

This is also apart of a big craft bundle we offer too. Learn more about this craft idea here!