shows a hamburger and students opinion writing for the best burger

Are you struggling with students motivation when it comes to writing? Try out fun opinion writing activity and craft idea! This will not only engage your students, but also, make a cute bulletin board display!

                       Download this bulletin board craft idea here!

How To Use This Writing Activity

The first step to using this activity is to make sure your students understand what an opinion is. Next, have students share their opinions a different topics like favorite subject, food, after school activity and so on. Then, have students explain why their favorite is best option for others. Once students understand what an opinion is then you can begin this craft and writing project. 

First of all, create your own favorite burger and why everyone should love it. Next, give your students the brainstorming page to complete. Then, have students write a rough draft and continue through the writing process. Finally, once they have written their final copy allow your students to complete the burger craft to go along with their writing. Download this activity here today!

This product focuses on Opinion Writing with an adorable burger craft that goes with it! The students will be designing (diagram organizer provided) what they would title “the best burger ever!” Will it have rainbow cheese? Sprinkles as seeds? Chocolate sauce? The possibilities are endless! After designing their burger, they will use the provided graphic organizer to organize their reasons why their burger is the best. Finally, they will transfer their ideas over to their main writing piece AND get to bring their burger design to life with the included craft. This fun project can be displayed in your hallways, on doors, bulletin boards, and more!


This bulletin board pack includes: the craft templates for the Burger craft, writing templates (multiple styles included), pre-writing organizers, and bulletin board lettering “Bun”derful Burgers! Please download the preview for a FULL LOOK at exactly what is included. Snag this opinion writing activity today here!