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Every-bunny has an opinion! This activity is a MUST-have, especially for springtime! Opinion writing can be overwhelming to students so why not make it fun? Combining donuts and bunnies is going to have all of the kids giggling! Opinion writing is part of the English standards each year, so this year, stick with this adorable opinion writing template asking students, is it a bunny or a donut? Take a look below to see the activity in action! Every-bunny has an opinion is going to be your new favorite opinion writing lesson!

Duck! Rabbit! Opinion Writing

Not only is this a great opinion writing activity, but it includes an adorable bunny-donut craft and is perfect for those spring bulletin boards. Even better, there is a digital version of a great mentor-writing text, Duck Rabbit to use to introduce the opinion writing genre. After taking a close look at the mentor text, the kids will test their opinions by making a Bunny Donut Craft to then decide if they think it is more of a bunny or a donut! Mentor texts are critical in student writing to give them a clear understanding of the genre and some clear ideas of how an opinion piece is supported!

Once students decide if their opinion is bunny or donut, next comes the evidence! Students will have to have evidence to support their opinions! Don’t forget these spring opinion writing pieces will be perfect to show off in the hallway bulletin boards!

Something For Everyone!

Not only does this craftivity come with the sweet craft,  but it also includes different templates for your students to differentiate and make it work for all of the students in your classroom. There are pre-writing organizers and full writing sheets. Make sure to take a look at the preview here to see everything that you will be getting with this set! 

One of our incredible reviewers, Shoestring Budget Supplies, said, “It’s been a slight struggle to get them to write down their opinion about the topics. We were able to get a couple of journal entries in without too much trouble. Then I found this activity. My students love debating with one another whether this craft is a donut or a bunny. They give their reason, and show examples as to *why* They are correct. And,….and…they’re writing down their reasons.  would call this activity a win for me and mine.” You can’t deny that review! 

Shoestring Budget Supplies works with first graders in special education and also has some ESOL and bilingual learners. If you were looking for an activity for everyone, this is definitely it! 

Benefits of Opinion Writing

Not only is this an adorable and fun activity, but it is also really an important skill for elementary students to be able to understand, apply, and even discuss opinions. Everyone knows kids have opinions, but can they back them up with evidence? Bunny or donut requires students to really think about the reasons behind what they choose, not just because it looks like a bunny or a donut. They must really dive into the thinking to support their thoughts. For example, it is a bunny because it has ears! Learning this skill will help students in their future writing with evidence because supporting something like an opinion is just a ton of fun! It will also help students build confidence in writing because they are really passionate about their choice of bunny or donut!


Even better than all the rest is, the prep is minimal! You could have your students reading and analyzing the mentor text tomorrow and building their ideas for the craftivity by the afternoon! Just print and put the pieces together. Choose the templates that work best for your students, and you are off and running! Make sure to hang those beautiful crafts and evidence-based opinions for all to see in those hallways or for a spring open house!

Opinion Writing can be difficult for the kiddos sometimes! Make it easy, fun, and simple for you and them with this awesome craftivity and opinion writing task. Everything is ready for you to build a perfect lesson, followed by some great bunny vs. donut writing. Take a further look at the activity here and let me know what you think of Somebunny’s opinion writing!