This is the season when students start getting restless in the classroom. Nicer weather and the end of the year can do that to students! Still learning must go on. Getting outside is a great way to address this issue. With outdoor learning, you can make lessons fun and interesting while getting fresh air. Spelling is the perfect subject for teaching and learning outside and these outdoor spelling activities are easy and fun!

Outdoor Spelling Activities

In this post, I’m going to share unique ways to practice spelling words outdoors. Get your students out of their seats with these fun outdoor spelling activities!

Spelling Word Rocks

This simple activity is a great way to get your students to practice spelling words. Prep work involves gathering up enough rocks and writing individual letters on each rock. Create enough sets for students to use in small groups.

Tip: Refer to your spelling list and use the letters from those words to write on the rocks.

To start the spelling word rock activity, divide students up into small groups. They can pick a spot on the grass to sit. Then pass out the sets of rocks. Next, read each spelling word and have the groups work together to spell the words using the rocks.

Tip: Add an element of competition and give points to each group for the teams that spell the words correctly first. The group with the most points wins a painted rock trophy.

Spelling Word Walk

Practice spelling words by going for a walk! To get ready for this spelling word activity write each spelling word on an 8×10 sheet of paper. These will be spread out in an open space outside.

TipWrite the words big enough and in a color easy enough to be seen from a distance.Use duct tape or a paperweight to keep spelling word signs from blowing away.

Arrange the spelling word signs in a large circle. Ideally, they should be far enough apart to walk between.  Instruct students to stand inside the circle. Have them close their eyes while you spell out a word but don’t say the word. When you’re done have them walk to find the word you spelled.

TipIf there isn’t enough space to use all the words at one time, put out just a few words at a time and then swap them out for other words.

kids hands with a box of chalk for outdoor spelling activities

Spelling Word Writing

Instead of writing spelling words with pencil and paper find things to write spelling words outdoors!

For this activity simply find a sandbox or dirt patch/garden and a writing utensil. You can use things like sticks or the eraser end of a pencil.

Spread students out in the sandy area.  If space is limited learners can work in pairs or small groups.  Instruct your class to spell the words in the sand or dirt as you read the spelling words from the list.

Tip:  If you don’t have access to a sandbox or garden area you can replicate this activity in other ways.  Students can use their fingers to write the spelling words in the air. Or you could also use bubble wands to spell words in the air while blowing bubbles.

Outdoor Spelling Word Games

Spelling Word Hopscotch

Nothing like a fun game of hopscotch to practice spelling words! There are two ways to play too!

For the first way to play, simply draw out regular hopscotch and write a spelling word in the box instead of the number. When a student hops to a word have them spell the word out loud.

a girl standing on a hopscotch reading a spelling word for an outdoor spelling activity

The 2nd way is like playing regular hopscotch. Instead of putting the spelling words in the boxes, use numbers.  When a student lands on a number read them the spelling word from a numbered spelling list and have them spell the word.

Tip:  If you have more words than spaces in hopscotch, draw out multiple hopscotch frames, like have two hopscotches with 10 boxes each for a 20-word spelling list.

Spelling Word Tag

Kids love tag!  Throw some spelling words into the mix to get them to practice spelling outdoors!

To set up this game set out hula-hoops or designate areas like a tree or bush and call that the spelling zone.  Select one or several students to be it.  When someone gets tagged they need to go to the spelling zone and spell a word to get bet back into the game.

 TipYou can have spelling word keepers in the spelling zone.  The word keepers have a list of words to give a classmate to spell when they enter the spelling zone. 

Spelling Word Catch

Throw a ball as you throw out spelling words to your class!

For this game divide the class up into pairs and give them a ball like a tennis ball.  Instruct the pairs to spread out far enough to play catch.  Tell your students that you will call out the word and the pairs will spell out the word with each throw of the ball.  Person 1 with the ball will say the first letter and toss to their partner and then person 2 will catch the ball and say the 2nd letter of the word and so on.

Tip:  If you don’t want to play catch you can give each student their own ball to either bounce or toss and catch as they spell the words on their own.

Unique and Fun Outdoor Spelling Activities

Make practice spelling words fun with these unique ideas!  These are the perfect spelling word activities for outdoor learning!

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