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Are you looking for an engaging activity to improve critical thinking? Students need lots of practice working those brain muscles to build their thinking skills. Planning ways to continually improve critical thinking can sometimes be challenging. That’s where Picture Study Activities become your new best friend! Picture Study Activities are simple, fun activities that are the perfect addition to your teacher toolbox.  Continue building those ever-evolving thinking skills. Plus, have some fun too! Read on to learn all about what Picture Study Activities are, how to use them, and the benefits they will have on your students!

Picture Study Activities- What are They?

A good starting place is learning what Picture Study Activities are and how you can use them! They are definitely an incredible tool, perfect for morning meetings, Fun Fridays, or early finishers too. Starting your day with these activities will really get those brains ready for learning and set the excitement for the day!


Picture Study Activities are a digital memory game. A picture appears on the screen for a determined amount of time. Students will examine those images, and then a question appears. Imagine a zebra on the screen. The question that appears may be, how many stripes did the zebra have? Students will have so much fun examining the pictures, that they won’t even know they are working on critical brain growth! This simple concept is the perfect addition to your Morning Meetings! Kiddos will be memorizing big and small details from the images and identifying the different between big details and minor ones, correlating with finding details in reading or in using details in writing!

Improves Memory!

Picture Study Games give students the opportunity to practice valuable critical thinking skills and allow them to practice with attention to detail. These memory games allow students to build their capacity to store memories and regain memories. This is super critical for learning new concepts. As students learn new ideas, facts, or history, they are making links to old information that they stored in their memory, making memory critical to learning. Memory also plays a tremendous role in learning a language, reading, following directions, problem-solving, reflecting on learning and even being able to imagine and create. Memory games are so important.   

 Critical Thinking!

Picture Study Games are also incredible at building critical thinking skills. With memory, comes learning, and the ability to process new information. Picture Study Activities also help students make decisions, create new connections and ideas, ask questions, and make sense of new information.  Picture Study Activities also build concentration and attention. Additionally, memory games like Picture Study Activities improve the ability of students to develop their short and long-term memory, increasing the ability to learn!

Filler Fun!

Besides all of the brain power that Picture Study Activities are going to provide, they are a lot of fun. This is the perfect addition to Morning Meeting, Fun Friday, or when you have a little extra time that you need to fill with something creative, low-prep, and fun. Kids will be begging to play and it will be such an easy setup that this is a no-brainer! 

Get Them Now!

Ready to start pumping up those brain muscles? Grab Pack 1 here! Even better though, there are 9 packs ready to use for the entire year! Seasons, animals, back to school, funny ones, so much more. Ready to grab them all? They are bundled and ready for you right here! Check them all out and increase that brain power in your classroom today!

As teachers, we are always looking for something else to keep improving our students’ understanding, and ability to learn, and have a little fun too. These activities really are an incredible option to do all of those things. Grab one set, or grab all 9! The kids are going to be so pumped to do Picture Study Activities all year long!