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Setting up your classroom for the new year is so much fun and so time-consuming! Luckily, there are amazing products available that can save you time while keeping your classroom organized and running smoothly. These products, all from Amazon, are going to make your classroom a well-oiled machine! Here are some of the primary classroom must-haves. you didn’t even know you needed to keep a creative classroom running smoothly!

8 Primary Classroom Must-Haves

You need to grab some finds before the school year starts. These 8 primary classroom must-haves will make your life and school year easier. 

Rotating Bookshelf!

Yes, bookshelves are awesome, but this 360-display standing bookcase and storage rack is multi-functional and perfect for little hands. No need to have students stumbling through all of the books when they can just walk around the bookshelf to find what they need! This rotating bookshelf is accessible to students and has space to display lots of books or even supplies! Make sure to take a look and grab this one from my Amazon Storefront here!

Lined Sticky Notes!

Here’s a real simple one to keep your classroom running smoothly, lined sticky notes! Yes, they are super helpful. Lined sticky notes are not just great for leaving yourself notes, but great for sending notes home and sticking them right in student folders, but also good for reminders, notes to other teachers, sub plans, and quick jots that can easily be stuck to a clipboard, whiteboard, or computer to make sure they don’t get lost or forgotten! This may seem like a simple one, but so important! Grab yours here!

Waterproof Desk Pad!

We’ve all seen our fair share of spilled coffee, water, or even glitter! Save your desk, and your computer by grabbing this large desk mat that also acts as a mouse pad to keep your desk from coffee ruin! This is another way to keep your classroom running smoothly because accidents happen, but not with this desk mat! Oh, and it comes in different colors! Here’s the link!

Name Plate Clear Pockets!

We’ve all been there staring back at our perfectly set classroom, and then the students come with all their love and stuff. Those perfect name tags start to peel, get wet, or get picked at by the students. Keep those name tags looking pristine with these simple nameplate clear pockets that are easy to use and simple to remove from the desks! No scraping tape here! These are also great for other labels for supplies or group work. They come in a pack of 25 too! Grab your set here!

Clipboard Portfolio!

This is another necessity for keeping organized. A normal clipboard can be flimsy, and papers can go flying all the time. Still, with the clipboard portfolio, you can keep important reminders from your lined post-its, groupings of students, important documents you can lose, absent notes that need to be turned into the office, and have a go-to place for some lined paper too for those meetings that require a little extra attention. The best part is you’ll be stylish with the polka dot pattern or choose from the 20 different options, always look organized and prepared, and won’t lose any important papers thrown your way during the day or conference notes needed daily! Here’s the link to this beauty!

Rainbow Felt Letter Board!

Here’s another way to get those happy classroom feels and make it a welcoming place! This adorable rainbow felt board is a little more exciting than those regular black and white ones and kids will love it. The welcome sign can change its phrase each day or have students in charge of the letter board and make it a real part of the community. Here’s the link!

Magnetic Spice Rack!

Yup, a spice rack, which is perfect for accessible storage that is attached right to your whiteboard. This one is a must-have for a cup of pencils, extra erasers, or even those whiteboard markers that tend to disappear. Have as many as you need to keep yourself organized without occupying a table or desk. This one also doubles as a great way to display a few decorations. Grab these ones here

Clothespin Push Pins!

Another must for bulletin boards. This a clothespin that has a push pin backing to use on your bulletin board for an easy, creative way to hang student work without the hassle of staples everywhere! This is perfect for any corkboard strips or boards and a perfect way to throw some student work up quickly, efficiently, and cutely! Grab these rainbow-colored clothespin push pins here!

Keeping a creative classroom that is efficient, easy, and fun is every teacher’s goal. Using these few products make your classroom a little more creative and a lot more fun. I would love to see pictures of the products in action! I have a ton more ideas in my Amazon Storefront that you can check out too. Go fill that Amazon cart and build your creative classroom today!

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